The regulations of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on tourism shall come into force on Octo

"The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region tourism regulations" on October 1st, yesterday, the Guilin Tourism Development Committee organized the city’s tourism enterprises to carry out the Guangxi tourism regulations training activities. It is understood that our region revised "Guangxi tourism Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the rules) will be formally implemented in 1 next month, the new regulations on tourism operators, managers and tourists are standardized, and put forward for the first time, the illegal organization will face heavy fines may travel tour pal. About the club and the club operators shall not travel agency business in recent years, the name of some organizations and individuals in the club, club, association, under the banner of "AA", "non profit organization" guise, to attract residents to travel, once the security problem, tourists often Lodge complaints. According to reports, the organization and the individual behavior is actually in the travel agency business, has violated the provisions of "tourism law" article twenty-ninth of the travel agency business shall obtain the business license of the corresponding. The new regulations after the fortieth amendment is more clearly defined, "units and individuals in the club, club, association and other forms of call of the tourists, without permission of the travel agency business, not the travel agency business". In addition, a travel agency and tourist travel contract should be clear, service items, standard, price, liability for breach of contract and other matters, other service contract outside, written consent shall be obtained from the tourists. Travel agencies and tourists to enter into a travel contract, you can use the tourism sector and the administrative department of industry and Commerce jointly recommended format contract model text. If a travel agency, in consultation with the tourist, or in the event of a tourist’s request to arrange shopping activities, and to increase the additional paid travel items, it shall sign a written contract with the tourist. Travel agencies should help the tourist shopping rights is an important content of tourism activities in the past, Guilin tourism regulators also often received visitors to buy fakes like complaints, encounter this kind of situation, mostly by the tourism authorities to solve. The new bill is clearly defined, tourists and travel agencies in the written contract in place of purchase of goods and services, operators to provide goods or services do not comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the operator shall bear civil liability, the travel agency shall assist tourists to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In other words, the travel agency, although not the first payment, but has the responsibility to help travel consumers to resolve disputes with the operator. Online travel agency business shall be "bright card" recently, many micro friends can see Guilin some personal information released in the circle of friends, said the launch of various preferential routes, through online registration and telephone registration form to participate in. However, after the investigation found that the relevant departments and individuals to push the information of these organizations do not have the business travel agency business qualification, alleged violation of the relevant provisions of the new regulations. According to the Guilin city tourism supervision and administration of the relevant person in charge, with the Internet and mobile terminals are widely used in tourism business activities, some organizations and individuals that have not obtained a travel agency business license, issued illegal use of network tourism information, illegal;相关的主题文章: