The South China Sea to China Singapore mix strategy has been out of date discontent scholars sitting zhongguorentiyishu

The South China Sea to China Singapore mix strategy has been out of date dissatisfaction scholars: fence data figure: South China Sea Fleet live fire exercises original title: Singapore South to China scholars: stir discontent sitting on the fence around the South China Sea strategy has been outdated and the so-called "Nanhai arbitration", Singapore and Japan in the recent statement Chinese with controversy. Japan’s Kyodo news, 29, said Li Xianlong, Singapore’s prime minister on the same day in Tokyo speech, asked China to respect the results of the South China Sea arbitration". But the day of the new prime minister’s office and the new media reports Li Xianlong speech did not have similar wording. Nevertheless, the past two days, Ambassador of Singapore two accused of "Global Times" on "non aligned movement summit in Singapore we mention the South China Sea arbitration" and "false reports", so "high-profile" but caused China and world attention to Singapore in the South China Sea issue attitude, China online filled with Singapore’s dissatisfaction. In 29, the global network of network survey, 98% of Internet users believe that the "Singapore’s perception is deteriorating". More than 29 days to accept the "Global Times" reporter interviewed Chinese scholars believe that Singapore has been declared on the surface of neutrality between the United States and China, but the security and politics to the US and Japan one-sided, and want to in the economy has been Chinese from the benefits of their "on the fence" strategy, if not adjusted, not only in the the new relationship may be hit, ASEAN may also appear more fragmentation, because other countries will not agree to the one-sided policy.相关的主题文章: