The story of a family of coconuts in Sanya

coconut in Sanya everywhere, seems to be one of the most common goods, every visitors from around the world come to here, and to the Southeast Asian countries, will enjoy a drink coconut, coconut water, drinking water after the inside of the meat eaten out, these seemingly ordinary but behind the action and experience, has a profound and unusual significance.

of tropical Sanya, and has been born and many parts of the country is not the same place, as to the desert, the camel must follow to get out of the desert, coconut in coconut also has the irreplaceable significance.

came to the middle of the road of foreign trade, this place before selling coconut, decided to go to the first market around, Meida came to the smell of seafood processing shop, compared to before the popularity seems to be more popular, it is not the time to eat, otherwise it will not have a quiet place to sit.

the original plan during the Spring Festival to do a live seafood purchase and processing, according to the current situation I want to book a little difficulty, only when the provisional decision, look forward to that day not too long, I believe many of my friends want to know more information timely and profound.

store environment is less and less clean, neat and clean, comfortable or great!

northern winter long black, eighteen degrees north of Sanya, there has been able to continue until six, it also makes people want to find a little bit lazy feeling almost to come out from the Meida seafood processing shop, take the sun just, decided to go to the foreign trade way to drink coconut.

sell coconut called third sister, after a friend introduced me the first time I saw, thought it would be a store, found only in the hallway, although the environment is simple, a lot of people do come coconut. Now in the area of coconut is about 15 yuan each, here are $9 each, to be honest, this is the conscience of the.

had 1.5 yuan a coconut years already do not know where to go?

has so far written from young girl, from nothing, accumulate the initial time, the roadside can easily set the table, a lot of relatively good business, now in order to ensure the safety and reduce the risks, not to put the table on the road, so a lot of people most is to take away.

sitting here for about half an hour, back and forth, there have been a lot of people come over to buy Coconut, next to a tourist said: just bought a coconut drink two no water. Third sister explained patiently how to pick good coconut, how to drink and eat meat are good not to mind taking the trouble…