The supermarket boss run away by the supplier and the public goods looting empty – Sohu

The supermarket boss run away by the supplier and the public goods looting empty – Sohu News newspaper Baoji news (reporter Cheng Feng) yesterday, readers rebellion, Baoji Caijiapo Wuzhou supermarket boss run away, a large number of suppliers in order to reduce the loss and the local public goods in the supermarket with looting, now five Chau supermarket all the goods have been looting empty, the local police have been involved in survey. According to people close to, they see things in the supermarket with the supplier, then there are people to join the army to grab the goods, just half an hour, thousands of square meters of the supermarket is swept, leaving only empty shelves and rubbish everywhere. However, the reporter learned that the presence of suppliers of not less than 50 people, was less than a few thousand dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Supplier Lee told reporters that the day before yesterday, a friend called him, said he saw someone in the supermarket looting goods. When he came back from the field, found that the supermarket shelves and containers only. Mr. Chen is sent to the supermarket merchandise, goods also robbed. He reluctantly told reporters, was robbed of the goods is only part of their losses, as well as hundreds of thousands of money are not settled. Reporters on the scene saw the supermarket sold several clothing has posted a clearance sale advertisement. According to the boss to sell clothes, told reporters that the supermarket boss may be unable to pay the rent due to bad business. For the case of the missing Wuzhou supermarket owner, the part of the supplier has an alarm, the local police have been involved in the investigation. Baoji lawyer Wang Xiaogang said: "in this case, although the supermarket payment owed to suppliers, but suppliers of goods away rights, is clearly inappropriate, suspected illegal, in addition to the no debt relation of the public, if the opportunity to carry out looting goods, if the value of more than 1000 yuan in 3000 yuan, may suspected in the criminal law crime of seizing."相关的主题文章: