The total planning area of 298 square kilometers was basically completed in 2030-jiuyaogan

The total planning area of 298 square kilometers in 2030 basically completed planning a total area of 298 square kilometers in 2030 basically completed the airport economic zone planning a total area of 298 square kilometers, consisting of Chengdu area and Ziyang area. Chengdu area including Chengdu city Jianyang Futian Township, Sancha Town, Yucheng Township, Tan Guan Xiang large department, conch Township Department, grass pond town (Regional Airport outside the red line), Xiang, Gaoming local Shiqiao Town, local stone bench in the town area of 199 square kilometers. Ziyang area including Ziyang City Linjiang Town Yanjiang District, Yanjiang Town, the town of Greenfield local area of 99 square kilometers. The airport economic zone as a state-level international aviation hub, the national inland airport economic development demonstration area, innovation base, an important modern Western Metro airport. To 2020, Tianfu International Airport for supporting transportation, port logistics, business services and other facilities built simultaneously, forming a complete enterprise settled conditions, built starting area 35 square kilometers, the layout of the functional groups formed, accelerate the development of airport industry system, regional ecological system and ecological red line basically stable, the management mechanism of Economic Zone perfect airport. In 2030, the airport economic zone basically completed, the formation of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry as the leading industry system, create a number of airport aviation services, aviation manufacturing, logistics and other industrial clusters, build a world-class infrastructure and public service facilities, gathering talent, technology, capital, information and other high-end elements, become our country an important foreign exchange center.

规划总面积298平方公里 2030年基本建成   规划总面积298平方公里 2030年基本建成   临空经济区规划总面积298平方公里,由成都片区和资阳片区组成。成都片区包括成都市简阳市福田乡、三岔镇、玉成乡、坛罐乡大部、海螺乡大部、草池镇(机场红线以外区域)、高明乡局部、石桥镇局部、石板凳镇,面积199平方公里。资阳片区包括资阳市雁江区临江镇大部、雁江镇、松涛镇局部,面积99平方公里。   临空经济区定位为国家级国际航空枢纽、国家级内陆临空经济发展示范区、西部重要的创新创业基地、西部重要的现代化空港新城。   到2020年,为天府国际机场配套的交通运输、口岸物流、商务服务等设施同步建成,形成较完备的企业入驻条件,建成起步区35平方公里,各功能组团布局初步形成,临空产业体系加快培育,区域生态体系和生态红线基本稳固,临空经济区管理机制趋于完善。   2030年,临空经济区基本建成,形成以先进制造业、现代服务业为主导的产业体系,打造一批临空制造、航空服务、航空物流等产业集群,建成国际一流的基础设施和公共服务设施,人才、技术、资金、信息等高端要素集聚,成为我国重要的对外交往中心。相关的主题文章: