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The United States published Iran 5 brain hole want most of us made weapons: nuclear missiles and F-35B data figure: formation flight F-22 and F-35B original title: nuclear missiles and F-35B! U.S. secret Iran most want to 5 U.S. military Reference News Network reported on August 29th, the U.S. media said that in the last century in 70s, the king of Iran to the United States is very loyal". In the case of their coffers full of oil dollars, the king of Iran to buy the latest U.S. weapons, and often wish. Examples include AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters and harpoon missiles and even F-14 Tomcat fighter (he purchased SR-71 blackbird reconnaissance aircraft of the request is rejected). According to the U.S. national interest bimonthly website on August reported that 19, now, the rule of Iran is a completely different, hostile regime. Iran, which has a legacy of the king’s time, local products and Russian arms, is not the best military equipment. But what would happen if Iran could take advantage of America’s great "arsenal of democracy"? It will choose what weapons to arm themselves? MQ-9 "death" drones "death" drones for Iran will be an extremely useful weapon. As a hostile territory with its neighbors, many mountain and encroach on the conflict throughout the Middle East countries, Iran can use the Reaper from border patrol to sea and attack the allied ground of various actions to close air support. Equipped with Hellfire missiles the Reaper will become Iran’s best weapon, thus threatening the Strait of Hormuz shipping and provide support to the territory of Syria’s allies. In the case of not carrying weapons, with the ability to patrol the long death drones can act as a cheap military intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance platform in Iran. AH-64 Apache helicopter support Iran MQ-9 death unmanned fleet will be AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. The reaper and the Apache helicopter combination will soon make Iran and support the army became the most powerful military force in middle east. Iran reapers can identify the enemy and real-time combat, then you can summon Apache helicopters to provide more powerful. "Apache" can cause damage to the enemy with light weapons, "distant range of Hellfire missiles, the helicopter can stay outside of man portable air defense missile attack range. Only 4 "Apache" can be any serious damage in the Persian Gulf operations can even sink warships, such as the United States LCs in small displacement ships. LCS Iran has never had a decent Navy, the Navy only a handful of American and European manufacturing small drainage amount of surface ships. Only a short while ago, the Persian Gulf is almost Iran lake, the king of Iran had never thought to blockade the Persian Gulf, and Islamic Republic of Iran have another idea. Although Iran does not need a large navy, but has some specially used in the coastal areas of the latest and most advanced combat ships will make its benefit. LCS can patrol the waters of Iran, the threat of enemy shipping to Iran, in)相关的主题文章: