The vast Lin not trees; forest resources rich (and promote a new round of Northeast China)


in the winter, the chainsaw, vehicles, as one falls, another rises voice echoed in the mountains of Greater Khingan Range. But the last few winter, Inner Mongolia Xingan Meng Arxan city forest is still abnormal.

70 years ago, Arxan is one of the earliest in Inner Mongolia Greater Khingan Range development and construction, forestry workers will be gathered; cutting more than half a century, the recoverable forest resources nearly exhausted; 2009 was identified as the national second batch of resource exhausted city; in 2012, Inner Mongolia took the lead in realizing state-owned forest full stop cutting.

"in the past, the train sounds, huangjinwanliang. Wood cutting down loading is income away." Zhang Shubin, director of the Arxan Municipal Development and Reform Commission to revitalize the Northeast Office described once brilliant. After stopping cutting, a large number of forestry surplus labor force, the transformation and development has become a major issue to be faced.

is located in the foothills of Greater Khingan Range, the window is the big city to see the vast Lin, Arxan unique tourism resources. Through the investment in tourism infrastructure construction, Arxan tourism revenue in 2015 to achieve 3 billion 299 million yuan, an increase of 26.9%.

winter, the air temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, the car along the snow covered mountain road to reach the white wolf Town deer village. All along, the residents here with mountain forest nourish thrive. The natural forest protection project in 1998, the White Wolf Forestry Bureau of more than 30 thousand cubic meters per year dropped to 6000 cubic meters of harvesting tasks. A lot of idle equipment, workers out of work, the majority of production units of production or semi production, a large number of surplus workers are facing to forestry.

"the earliest only 28 households in recent years, deer feeding efficiency is good, based on the original construction of the village, now 97 households are down the transformation of forestry." Zheng Xiaolin was Secretary of the village Party branch secretary.

"was just learning the deer, the first two years of the annual income is four thousand or five thousand dollars." As the first batch of deer Village residents, Zheng Xiaolin feeding the deer from the first few head to now more than 70. He was busy, but also hired 3 workers to help. He is planning to transform the deer park into an ornamental garden, set breeding, sales, tourism as a whole, you can increase profits.

tree is not cut, the forest began to recover, more and more rich forest resources. Fungus, mushrooms, wild vegetables…… Are all natural green food. Arxan city in the days of the original forest White Wolf company hall, forest products, deer products, crafts a superb collection of beautiful things. In the past, the forestry bureau two units, stop cutting after the restructuring of the past 3 years, the company has developed more than 100 kinds of deep processing of forest products.