The whole city 13 position table 722 Hebei targeted recruiting selected graduates demonophobia

The whole city 13 position in Hebei Province in 2017 for the relevant institutions targeted recruiting selected graduates, transferring object more than 2017 graduating bachelor degree of economics, engineering, law, the establishment of diplomatic relations between animal husbandry and water, social science graduates 722 people in Hebei targeted recruiting selected graduates (excluding the independent college, and directional Weipei except), students cannot register after graduation in August 2017. College table two, the qualifications of applicants should be in line with the "civil service recruitment requirements (Trial)" qualification requirements, should also meet the following conditions: (a) education requirements. Bachelor degree or above, graduated with a degree, excellent academic performance. (two) age requirements. Students generally not more than 25 years old (born after July 31, 1991), master’s graduate students generally not more than 28 years old (born after July 31, 1988), doctoral students are generally not more than 32 years of age (born after July 31, 1984). (three) experience requirements. In the courtyard (Department) above the party organization, organizations, students (Graduate) or the class committee served as a student cadre of more than half a year. (four) other requirements. Where the school has been punished, or the People’s Republic of China civil service law and other relevant laws and regulations shall not be employed as civil servants, shall not apply for. Three, transferring policy allocations for selected graduates districts under the jurisdiction of the county (city, district) directly under the Department, at the appropriate time to arrange Township units to exercise for 2 years, the personnel files allocated by the host county (city, district) unified management of the Organization Department of the party committee. The new recruitment of selected graduates probationary period of 1 years, after the trial period, the assessment in accordance with the cadre management authority, examination, tenure grading, undergraduate graduate students served as clerk positions, deputy section level positions, doctoral students was zhengkeji posts; unqualified, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department of first instance, reported to the provincial organization department audit and the cancellation of employment; cancellation of employment, returned to the school of graduation or by residence in talent exchange service organizations can also recommend employment, self employment. Hiring for selected graduates at the grassroots level, the minimum period of service for 2 years, during the examination, not through the transfer, public or secondment leave assigned to the grass-roots work (pre signed "grassroots service commitments" and apply for the municipal Party Committee Organization Department). Targeted recruiting college degrees in selected graduates, working for over 4 years (including probation), the outstanding performance, outstanding performance, in the specified positions within the scope of the general arrangement of fukeji position. The position in the table of Hebei Province Post selected graduates of table four, registration time for the November 24, 2016 8:00 and January 5, 2017 12:00 Hebei transferring in 2017. Candidates landing Hebei personnel testing network (), click on the "2017 Hebei province targeted recruiting selected graduates special register. Registration Tel: Shijiazhuang 0311-86686470, Chengde 0314-2050737, Zhangjiakou 03.相关的主题文章: