The winter tour of Dinghu mountain, no haze Tianranyangba

The winter tour of Dinghu mountain, no haze of natural oxygen – tourism Sohu

, a company in Guangdong Chongqing sail Tongnan chamber of Commerce in Zhaoqing visits, after the event, several friends let Yu fan chamber of Commerce recommend a surrounding attractions around, Chongqing sail to Zhaoqing Guangdong is a famous tourist city, Duanzhou ancient city walls, places of historic interest and scenic beauty can be found everywhere, the Millennium Mei an ancient temple, Yuejianglou, Dragon Mother Temple are very famous, but the natural landscape is also very rich, magnificent, charmingly delicate Star Lake Qixingyan, an exquisite scenery Dinghu mountains and Panlong Gorge are all dangerous deep Meikan Guangdong, in so many attractions, to recommend one of the most representative scenic spots. Dinghu mountain is not the two choice.

Dinghu mountain is known as the "Tropic of Emerald", together with the Mount Danxia in Shaoguan, Boluo, Foshan Luofu Mountain Xiqiao mountain for four famous mountains of Guangdong province. The lush vegetation in the mountains, towering old trees, with luxuriant foliage, high negative ion content in the air, there is a "natural oxygen bar" in the world.

why do you say Dinghu is the most representative scenic spot in Zhaoqing? Because of his popularity and reputation are high, there are mountains and water, the mountain is one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong, the water is famous in Dinghu, not only rich in natural landscape and cultural landscape, is also very famous, such as Mount Qingyun temple built in the Ming Dynasty, since the Tang Dynasty is a famous Buddhist shrine and tourist destination, in the year 676 disciple Zhi, Huineng monks in the Dinghu mountain southwest of Jackson often top old Ding Jian Yun Si, since then, monks gathered here, surrounded by mountains built thirty-six recruit mention came to worship, sightseeing, pilgrims and visitors more and more. Ming Chongzhen, the year 1633, the monk Lotus Temple built in the lotus peak, second years have ushered in the mountains as a monk monk habitat and presided over the reconstruction of modified Lotus Temple gate, Qingyun temple, Qingyun temple to the Qing Dynasty, more and more large scale, south of the Five Ridges became the first four temples.

We walk along the

Creek, Nagareizumi waterfalls, bird flowers, fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the oncoming traffic, no haze, no troubles, stop and go, soon came to the famous flying swag here, rugged rocks, a waterfall top running from the more than and 10 floor meters high cliff to fly. Xie, such as Bailian vacant, and like a veil dance. Under the waterfall, pouring water into a boulder, Yihong clear water, engraved on the pillow " flow " two words. It is said that after the revolution of 1911, Mr. Sun Zhongshan and his wife Song Qingling visited Mount Dinghu, also had to swim, and now the cliff is engraved on the calligraphy of Sun Zhongshan Song Qingling at " " swimming six characters.

move on, not how far is the Millennium Temple, Qingyun temple, the temple according to the layout of the axis of symmetry, the bottom-up is as follows: the first layer of Weituo hall, inside the room, the cloud room know, south room, dining hall, drum tower; North Tower; second layer arranged in the main hall, East Temple founder, Garan temple, three Temple Hall of third layers; be made one; the fourth layer Pilu temple, South Jing Lou, seven Buddha floor, north.