The world bridge with double finals ended China players won (video) hypersnap-dx

The world bridge with double finals ended China players won the Shanghai masters sixteen bridge all produce (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading) Beijing, Beijing, September 26 (Yue Chuan) organized by the Federation of the world bridge, Chinese Bridge Association, the international community to host the thirtieth session of the world bridge with the field double finals 25 days in Beijing concluded. From Chinese player Li Huagai on tour tournament champion gains, Zhang Miao and Zhang Xiaoqun third, was runner up of Portugal picked. The bridge is a highly competitive charm of intellectual movement, and the world bridge with the field doubles is a world-class bridge contest number for the majority of fans around the world bridge. This year’s finals opened in Beijing on 23, which lasted for two days. Unlike in the past, this game for the first time to cancel the line entities under the table, but through the bridge online platform for competition, in order to reduce the human factors on the events of the interference, make the competition fair, making the game process more transparent. Deputy director of management center, chess State Sports General Administration of sports vice president China Bridge Association Chen Zelan said that the application of innovation and competition form of the Internet, we fully understand the development of science and technology brings to the bridge movement change. Lianzhong international chairman Yang Qingye believes that the tournament was held successfully, to verify the feasibility of event selection through the Internet sports and athletics, "this is a new attempt, but also a new beginning. We want to build a bridge for the exchange and competitive global bridge enthusiasts, popularization and promotion and focus on the bridge movement." For the cancellation of the line entity table, champion Li Huagai said in an interview with reporters, the competition form is relatively new, in the online operation to avoid the interference of human factors, is conducive to maximize the true level of players. "Winning the ingredients of luck, but also to prove that we have this strength," said Li Huagai. All after the end of the game, the World Bridge Federation Chairman Jianalige – Ronaldo to the organizers to provide quality service and competition environment expressed gratitude, "the tournament will be online and offline game game combination, creating a new competition mode for bridge movement. It will become a has milepost sense to try to make the Internet development, bridge across geographical distance better." (end)相关的主题文章: