The Zhoushan bears children throwing stones smashed and boring playing BMW car solid converter

The Zhoushan bears children throwing stones smashed and boring playing BMW car "bang", in October 4th to around 8 in the morning, a drop from the clouds of fist sized stones, just hit the stop on the West Street Zhoushan Shenjiamen a hotel in front of a BMW car. The roof smashed a dent, the front windshield also appeared a few cracks. After the owner found, immediately reflect the situation to the hotel. There is no monitoring nearby, there are no witnesses at the time of the incident, there is no way to know how the stones fall. After consultation, the hotel owners pay advance 2500 yuan for repairs. No reason to eat the loss of the hotel owner in order to prevent similar things happen again, the same day on the roof of the seven floor of the hotel installed a monitoring. The next day at 3 in the afternoon, the hotel owner through monitoring, found a small boy is throwing stones on the roof. The hotel owner felt suspicious and called the police. Shenjiamen police station arrived, found the boy in the roof. He called the "forest" (a pseudonym), 8 year old, who lives nearby. In that, BMW car was smashed is caused by his throwing stones. Mom and dad are too busy to work without me, grandma was fascinated by the TV series, they ignore me." At the police station, police said on forest grievances, the National Day holiday nobody to play with them, is very boring, so he alone ran to the hotel seven floor roof play, see a lot of stones, so I picked it up and threw the play, one fell down the stairs, accidentally hit a BMW car. Police criticized the forest, then called his grandmother and his father. They lost not to the owner of the hotel, and paid 2500 yuan repairs.相关的主题文章: