There is a cold air to the cold weather in Nanning will continue

There is a cold air to the cold weather in Nanning will continue

contemporary life newspaper reporter   Hu Lingling

it was raining hard in Nanning yesterday, but the rainy weather was very uncomfortable. There are small partners asked why 16 days before the rain will stop to look up again? This is because yesterday morning, there is a low impact of the southern Nanning cold air, the continuation of the rainy weather. Not only is Nanning, yesterday the region began to drizzle, a time of the low temperature has dropped a little, such as the Northeast Guangxi area, yesterday 15 when there’s a small drop in temperature.

according to the latest weather data show that the next three days, in the southerly airflow, the North China trough to guide the low shear line and the ground cold air of the strong combination of the three, low temperature and rainy weather continued. 19 -20 days, and the cold air of a moderate Guangxi, the region’s most cloudy with light rain, temperatures in most areas decreased by 2 DEG -4 DEG, and the stage of the minimum temperature will appear on the morning of the 20 day, when the minimum temperature in North Guangxi is 2 DEG -5 DEG, 6 DEG -8 DEG C Guangxi, southern Guangxi is 9 DEG -12 deg.

fog aggravated the humidity in the air today, the most cloudy with light rain, the early morning in the central Guangxi area will be prone to fog.

Nanning weather forecast 3 days from now on

January 18th     negative               12   -15; 1-2

January 19th             11   -16; 1-2 grade   of northeast wind

January 20th         10 -12; northeast wind 1-2 grade

Guangxi 13 city weather forecast January 18th

Guilin           7   -11 C

Liuzhou           9   -13 C

Wuzhou           10   -14 C

Yulin           12   -15 C

Qinzhou      > negative light rain