This is not Sweden, but it has been held for 15 consecutive years

this is not Sweden, is a "ski experience" said, there are four ski resorts, more than 400 thousand square meters of ski North spring. This is not Sweden, but in 2003 that originated in Sweden, held more than and 90 sessions, with a long history of the Vassar International Ski Festival came to meet, collision, so the birth of Vassar international ski festival.

it’s not Sweden, it’s Changchun.

15 years of growth, Vasaloppet growing mature, in January 4, 2017, the fifteenth session of the Vassar international ski festival. And I, in the name of the opening ceremony, from the snow in the south, arrived in the snow fairy tale of Changchun.

The opening ceremony of the

ski Festival, early to arrive at the Jingyue snow world, also in the scene, really feel the international skiing Festival, preparing for the skiing athletes from around the world, there are a lot of people come to watch the faces of europe. If it’s not a slogan everywhere, it’s a reminder that it’s in Changchun, in a moment, there’s a real illusion in switzerland.

from the opening ceremony and a period of time, first came to the venue next to the wasa Museum, an exotic building in the snow. In the museum, understand the Vasaloppet reincarnation, and Changchun and Vassar indissoluble bound.

, as a southern girl, had never seen a ski race before, even just a few days before she began to experience the first time in her life. But in the Jingyuetan fiery scene, reproduced in the Museum of history, let me really into Vasaloppet, rediscover this attractive snow sports.

perhaps because of the reasons for the festival, in the haze of winter in the country, but it is blue sky and white clouds in Changchun, the background of the snow on the ground, the United States had to be drunk. The ski Festival is located, the hidden Jingyuetan ski resort in Asia’s largest artificial forest, is a kind of beauty of the north.

is unable to penetrate the north, the city Linhaixueyuan, pass through, because the front is the upcoming vasa ski festival.

walked into the opening ceremony of the core site, or even close to the stage in the huge crowds of people in the central, track, quietly watching the players in the field, professional and non professional, domestic and foreign, old and young, or warm-up, or inspection equipment, are in the game the final preparation, only fired after the end of the opening ceremony.

opening ceremony is not too long, a few minutes later, the end of the ceremony, the stadium handed over from the world 3;