This is not very tough Yoshihiro Togashi has a good waist and good health face gossip

This is not very tough? Before Yoshihiro Togashi waist legs good body to comics industry in seven great "lazy" known cartoonist Fu Jian old foreign claims have been lumbago, even could not stand, so the suspension of comic update. However, in October 24th, Eguchi Zushi drying out the "40 anniversary" kochikame banquet Fu Jian attended and several other cartoonists of the photo, see the old or very spirit. Although this year, Fu Fu still a few months of full-time hunter, and the quality of the work has not let the fans disappointed. But for him this day of fishing, four days of the net behavior is very indignant. See Yoshihiro Togashi so well attended the event, the Japanese netizens have said: "this is not very tough?" "Go and fill the pit!" "A sinister smile." "Are you already bald?" Catch the current, low back pain is a lie." Although the people of Fu Jian much ridicule, but I can see that everyone like to Fu Jian is also a good physical condition is still very gratified. This year the industry one after another to leave us, Fu Jian is also 50 years old, middle-aged people got sick easily, some diseases not easily take care down the root cause. If you really want to use a lifetime love for integrity cartoonist body health. Of course, it is not the only thing we are looking forward to. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: