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This year, the Internet insurance scale will exceed 400 billion and 19 non listed insurance companies to grab a single Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money at the beginning of August, a total of 17 Internet insurance financing event this year, one billion yuan level financing 5 – reporter Yin Lihang now Internet insurance it has already become an important part of the insurance industry, its market share is expanding, 2015 Internet insurance premium income of 222 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of nearly 69 times higher than in 2011. The first half of 2016, Internet insurance premium income of 143 billion 110 million yuan, of which half of the life insurance premiums and the annual full life insurance premiums in 2015 close. Warp capital released the latest "2016 China Internet Insurance Industry Research Report" forecast (WeChat: Securities Daily micro insurance, reply "2016 Internet" for details), from the number and size of 2016 Internet insurance business point of view, the size of the premium will continue to maintain rapid development, in 2016 China’s Internet insurance premium is expected to in 2015 more than doubled, the size of the premium will be more than 400 billion yuan. The past two years, whether it is strategic investment or financial investment, Internet insurance has become one of the hot pursuit of capital. The report pointed out that, as of August this year at the beginning of 2016, China launched at least 17 times the Internet insurance financing event, one billion yuan level financing 5. In fact, in addition to these investors, listed companies are more and more concerned about the Internet insurance outlet opportunity. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter to incomplete statistics, there are 19 non traditional insurance listed companies involved in the Internet insurance business, which has 13 companies’ shares in the relevant business issued in the year after an increase of more than 20%. 51 new companies to apply for insurance licenses in recent years, the insurance license to become a hot pursuit of industrial capital. As of September, China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved this year to build a total of 15 insurance companies, and another 4 received a letter of refusal". At the same time, up to now, a total of 51 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two for the establishment of an insurance company this year, from 51 to enter the insurance industry of the listed company which belongs to the industry, software and electronic communication industry had the highest proportion of the real estate industry, the company. During the two sessions this year, Xiang Junbo, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has revealed that the insurance companies to apply for licenses of nearly 200, that is, this figure has been further expanded this year. Last month, CITIC Guoan and Tencent subsidiary company initiated the establishment of the life and approved by the CIRC, or will be engaged in Internet related business and life insurance. In fact, from the beginning of 2013, BAT and other Internet giants began to "tentacles" to insurance, Zhong An insurance, life insurance, mutual sinomay Cathay, Bai’an insurance, property insurance, Ali Wo health insurance companies are in the column. However, recognizing the potential for the development of Internet insurance is not only insurance institutions, Internet insurance business is becoming a new hot spot for non insurance listed companies competing layout. According to the Securities Daily reporters incomplete statistics, there are 19 theories相关的主题文章: