Those things about crystal

Those things about crystal lighting?? crystal lamp market has always been Maoni more, relatively deep water, consumers are facing many professional terms, such as K9 crystal, crystal, crystal, Egypt Czech SWAROVSKI crystal and lead content of the problem is often Zhang two monks confused. No wonder that, the reason lies in the domestic industry has been the lack of crystal lamp with a formal standard, so this leads to uneven quality of the entire industry, dragons and fishes jumbled together. So Xiaobian today for you to explore a crystal lamp to buy this road. The classification of crystal lamp? According to the style of the traditional European style crystal lamp has been improved, into the modern style, the color is more colorful, more concise in style. ? 4 European crystal lamp? European style lamps focus on the symmetry of the aesthetic space. It is ever lasting, because it emphasizes the reasonable proportion of first and symmetrical, in the details of the technique is the result of the exercise of the classic, so it has a rich cultural atmosphere.  ?? 5 American country crystal lamp?? American country style discarded the cumbersome and luxury, and the outstanding elements of different style in the collection of fusion, with comfortable function oriented, emphasizing the "return to nature", the style has become more relaxed and comfortable. By function – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -相关的主题文章: