Through the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng, the Song Festival

is said to have been able to cross the great song in one place this year.

from the beginning of 2017, a month’s time, there will be opening song cultural fusion, combining modern life and art, fully excavate the connotation of Song Dynasty years of culture, to create a really far from the Song Dynasty "flavor".

has experienced thousands of years of circulation, here is still on behalf of the song culture and roots, can truly feel the song annual cultural festival atmosphere here, with a thousand years of lanterns, let the modern city, will become magnificent, day and night to enjoy the scenery.

early Longting park are ready to have their own most beautiful charm has been displayed, the lights will stay lit, like in the darkness of the guidelines, from the Song Dynasty is the most glorious moment of the highlights.

Spring Festival lantern, lantern riddles, drums, all kinds of performing arts, interactive activities, now in Longting Park of course in the city can be heard without end, and only just here to have, during the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival dazzling song has attracted visitors from around the world.

and this feeling is just a prelude to bursting with popularity, I believe that with the advent of the new year’s Eve, there will be more lively, bright lanterns will bring the whole city to decorate, so that the original song is old and distant style of the ancient city, more charm full features, will inevitably lead to countless people cheering, and celebrate the new year, not only just for fun, experience is also more profound and meaningful.

lantern fascinating, shapes, and artistic, large quantity, elegant style, novel form, let this song from the new year’s gift trance that is really through, is it really came through the Song Dynasty new year? Maybe it’s really crossed, or so it was.

is fascinating and should not forget the traditional flavor, here is the continuous mining, when everyone in the year to reduce said taste, from the ancient city of the year opened the door of the traditional taste, let people all sigh, originally from the traditional concept of the taste was so memorable and unforgettable.

2017, the song went through the years, the song Cultural Festival, the city began to return to the past, the most traditional and classical repertoire, the beautiful charm of the dance show, all kinds of traditional delicacy, modern new painted lanterns, grab a red envelope does not seem to fall, people already can not wait. ;