Tieling middle school was traced to a new dormitory idle students are forced to rent reshacker

Tieling middle school was traced to a new dormitory idle students are forced to rent the original title: Tieling middle school was traced to the new dormitory students live idle youth online in Shenyang in October 13, the outer housing (Chinese Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Wang Chen) recently, the media reported that third of Changtu County of Liaoning province Tieling city junior middle school campus dormitory idle problem. Changtu third junior high school students need some accommodation, the school dormitory has been built, but it has not been enabled, students have to rent out. Reporters learned from the Changtu County propaganda department, the school and the County Board of education responded to the reasons and put forward rectification opinions, to ensure that there is room for students to stay as soon as possible. Third Changtu County Junior High School: last year delivered to schools outside the dormitory students only 50 people according to the school, third Changtu county junior high school dormitory is not enabled time and the problem of students. The school canteen dormitory project in 2011, started construction in 2012, delivered in 2015. School planning and construction, the application of the national financial allocation of 3 million 100 thousand yuan to build canteens. But then the school to the needs of the school development, solve the problem of rental foreign children, but also to the higher authorities to apply with three storey dormitory, extra funding for the construction of school after consultation with the developers of the students’ dormitory building a store, proceeds for four or five, six dormitory construction funds. The canteen dormitory built, because the first floor of the store failed to sell, so developers could not schedule delivery until 2015, the canteen dormitory was delivered to the school, and through the acceptance of various departments, the canteen department put into use in May. At that time, the investigation of the student accommodation, no intention of students in the school dormitory. The canteen dormitory project in 2011, which led to the reduction of the index of foreign students oriented "policy in 2014 to implement, but then still retain 10% of the entrance examination qualifications, then there are a number of foreign students, but the dormitory has not delivered, so it did not live in the dormitory. Wait until 2015, after the dormitory in line with the conditions, but then the county to raise the implementation of directional enrollment, resulting in the most students from the 1900 students down to the current population of 1300. Now most of the students in school for the town of day students in student accommodation only more than 50 people, mostly in their family accommodation. Again this year, the school students to carry out a survey of students, students do not want to stay in the school, so the dormitory is not enabled. School: now put forward seven rectification to ensure the accommodation needs of students in a school dormitory already meet the standards as soon as possible to solve the part of student accommodation, accommodation for students, third junior high school in Changtu County formulated the "Changtu third junior high school dormitory rectification": first, the school leadership team held a meeting of the school dormitory to pay for the use what matters, goods need to arrange purchase of student dormitory. In a short period of time, to meet the conditions of the students, to ensure that the accommodation needs of students as soon as possible. Two, the convening of the parents’ meeting, the investigation of the housing needs of students Fang相关的主题文章: