To carry out the original performance in new network video -bej48 awakening vitality MV starting the yvette yates

Beijing – "MV -BEJ48" video awakening vitality starting the whole network will be carried out at the end of the original "MV BEJ48" show vitality awakening starting the whole network will be carried out at the end of the original premiere on September 6th in the afternoon, a large woman idol group BEJ48 debuted the first original "EP" share held audio-visual awakening vitality in Beijing, while the title song "star dream theater. The strength of the awakening" MV officially released. BEJ48 as a debut only 4 months of the female idol groups, every Thursday through field theater performances has accumulated a number of loyal fans. Siba media group chief music producer Guo Jianliang said, "the strength of the awakening" songs and choreography is tailored according to the location of BEJ48, showing the youth girls unite, work hard and full of confidence in the vitality of the story. The same period: Music producer Guo Jianliang BEJ48’s debut for only four months, so do not excessive packaging on the album set the theme, we only through a variety of songs, highlighting the different personality between members, these girls show unique musical charm and full of vitality, vitality, sweet personality, vitality "awakening" in fact, the representative is the most true to their. Guo Jianliang also revealed that a wide range of high quality original music will be BEJ48 the future music development planning in the main goal and direction, the end of BEJ48 will also carry out the original show for fans offer a wonderful visual feast. In addition, BEJ48 also brings vitality for the fans "awakening", "Youth" and "with you side by side angel" and other songs live performances, full of vitality vigor song and dance, as well as the response of enthusiastic fans, the sharing of the atmosphere to a climax. The same period: BEJ48 field performances it is reported that from September 6th onwards, "Qi awakening" on the official website of BEJ48 EP and BEJ48 – theater around the store officially on sale. Wang Tao Beijing reported相关的主题文章: