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To engage in a marriage? That is because you don’t get your own public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The article comes from the heart and help the child fish (Journal of marriage and Family Psychology) class, met a weak woman, small stature, spoke in a low voice. Her husband was having an affair and often didn’t go home. What’s more, back to her, and another woman together the details, even wearing the woman to buy underwear to show off her. About this time, she was silent tears, but calm tone. The teacher asked in surprise: "such a thing, why didn’t you angry?" "I’m angry." It’s still a cat’s voice. The angry man will tone up, eyes wide open. And you don’t express your feelings." The teacher said, "do you know why your husband dare to do this to you? You are weak in let him, so that he can ignore your feelings in a flagrant way." The teacher’s words shocked her, but also let her focus on the pain from the marriage, from the affair of the man’s body, pull back to their hearts. A lot of people are in marriage problems, began to embark on the road of self exploration, psychological growth. Once thought that all life is nothing but the fate of the cause of unhappy marriages all pushed to the other side of the body. He is too lazy, he is always playing games, he has no sense of responsibility, he is not good for my parents…… But forget that marriage is a game of two people, he has his responsibility, and you, not the innocent. If you don’t have the power, resigned to everything, the other would become the offender; if you don’t have a sense of security, always suspicious, each other must be pushed into the arms of another woman; if you in the habit of excessive pay, the other party will become the man stand in front of the housework…… "He is such a person? How could it be because of me?" A lot of people can’t accept the cruel truth. Remember Cecilia Cheung, the story of her and Nicholas Tse is a good explanation. When two people divorce, Cecilia Cheung cried accused Nicholas Tse only know that playing video games, often go out for a long time to go home. Nicholas Tse looks very responsible, but on the other side of the truth is: when love begins with Nicholas Tse from Cecilia Cheung, once found will not contact each other, serial call, direct hit your emotional. I know he is in the movie, he has a decent thing to do, but insecurity or let her make such madness. Married such a wife, men want to go home to blame. Nicholas Tse can contain Cecilia Cheung’s pornographic door, but can not contain her nervousness, even if they were so in love. Then we can see that, with Faye Wong back together after Nicholas Tse’s change. From dusk until now to go to bed early, began to focus on health, the old people addicted to the game completely disappeared, his life.相关的主题文章: