Too miserable! EVA director at 28 years of age is not enough food and clothing ekdv-273

Too miserable! "EVA" director at the age of 28, the income is not enough food and clothing Ano Hidea said, now we will not only think of "Evangelion", also cannot ignore him in the "new" Godzilla’s performance. The animation industry is now in the limelight predecessors, whether life is the Everything is going smoothly.? Recently, a 28 year old Ano Hidea (1984) when the income chart released, simply cry to see friends. As can be seen from the picture, he can get a maximum of 300 thousand yen a month, but most cases are less than 150 thousand, and the emergence of several months of zero income situation. On average, the monthly income is only 86 thousand and 700 yen look. You know, 80s is Japan’s economic golden period, many people can easily become a millionaire. Ano Hidea, however, seems to live under the food and clothing line, it looks very poor. In this regard, many netizens commented: "you see, even the riffraff such people are miserable, not to mention the ordinary people." "The Japanese government should really improve the animator’s treatment ah." "But eventually became the winner in life……" But more anecdotes about the industry, the Tencent will continue to focus on animation.相关的主题文章: