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The minority traditional sports meeting of beauty – Sohu of Yunnan tourism Shangri-La in Yunnan Province, tenth ethnic minority traditional games, teams are wearing the grand national costume play, plus the girl boys female man Jun Qiao, various odd bucket Yan Canruo summer flowers, so that small partners the carbon KingKong eye yet admission, on the sidelines has been blind! Look at this figure this dress will know that it is a Dai girl, almost pink peach blossom. Beauty with a small yellow people adorable pattered ready? Girls, take a walk! A person walking show the emperor asked: I can tell her countrywoman take a picture? The women made! Of course, it is in the villages with mushroom cool photo after. Beauty, men and women love it. Brown’s girls, a good figure, a youthful and dynamic like the middle of this girl, the United States turned over, this is the fairy sister good. With all good fairy sister, Brown family guy pose are in no way inferior oh this two is the host of the opening ceremony, the name is not the minority, but Tibetan clothing. This is from Baoshan, I do not know what is. Clothing is very atmospheric ah. They are the headdress from Dehong good under the unique Tibetan lads with a leather hat, instant gas amplification! This hat is made of a fox skin! Uncle long so high, only the female! Brilliant purples and reds national costume, appear suddenly so one is drunk. Love the super girl, beautiful color, their hair dance, wild and sexy! Originally, the weather forecast rain, good results in a complete mess! National blooming, but everywhere harmonious. Vaguely see the iphone8 model! LV was a low scarf collocation of luxury! Sister smile so bright ah Lisu woman who cloak domineering. Love and mutual assistance! Is for the most beautiful. The blogger profile since the couple hand tour around the world, has traveled the country with depth; "our cause is travel" and "I just want to go away with you" (Series) a total of four books; the Phoenix "and" social positive energy South TV "tide holiday" column invited guests from the media Sohu; the gold medal in the station photographer author; NetEase. In 2003, the first class of Chinese blog competition travel; / / / / NetEase, the Phoenix annual blog award winner; China Travel master championship; won the "China contemporary Xu Xiake" title. Mouse emperor WeChat: niaorat.相关的主题文章: