Travel to the country where the new year the West


Yunnan · a fine festival

recommended reason: the Millennium heritage of ancient customs, primitive and wild

address: , Maitreya City, west of the town of 10000 Red Village

A’xi (A’xi is a branch of the Yi nationality, claiming to be "fine", live in Yunnan Province, Maitreya Shilin County, is a part of yi. A fine family has a primitive Vulcan culture, worship of Vulcan) Fire Festival in the 3th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar each year, Yi Axi have held a return to nature, such as epilepsy, crazy as fire and wonderful mysterious grand celebration of the intelligent part of the universe.

we can close this ancient tradition handed down by ancestors, it is nearly a thousand years of history, can also participate in the local people, and they celebrate together!

Guizhou · Suoga Miao

recommended reason: headdress strange and national flavor

address: Guizhou city Liupanshui Liuzhi County Road 019

shuttle. Changjiaomiao township is home to live here 12 horns Miao stockade. Longhorn Miao due to its peculiar to : the first tie on the horn headdress kind of wood in the hair, and then use the thread, wool, hair and twine. Allegedly, this kind of "hair" heavy 2 kilograms, hanging down long hair is 3 meters long.

, and cultural cooperation projects six branch Suojia Ecological Museum (ecological museum is the entire village wholly intact with residents of the customs as "site", take some protective measures, save and display) is located in the township to village, China is the first ecological museum.

Miao hillside, primitive, people have a simple men tilling the farm and women weaving, natural and economic life. Has a profound national culture, the integrity of folk customs.

Guizhou · Fanjing Mountain

recommended reason: China’s fifth famous Buddhist mountains, see ice hanging sea of clouds, the scenery fantasy

address: Jiangkou County, Guizhou, Taiping Township, black Bay River