Trump from the reality show to the president of the United States (Figure) ca1816

Trump: from participating in the reality show the real estate tycoon to the president of the United States (map) original title: Trump: from participating in the reality show the real estate tycoon to the president of the United States in November 9 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time 8 days, the United States ushered in the 2016 presidential election polling day. The vote is now over, according to the latest results of The Associated Press statistics, the Republican candidate Trump first won 270 electoral votes, defeating rival Hilary, will become the forty-fourth president of the United states. Donald · Trump was born in New York in June 14, 1946, 1968 graduated from University of Pennsylvania Walton School of business, in his father’s Real Estate Company, and in charge of the company began operations in 1971. In the next few decades, Trump began to build their own real estate kingdom. The Associated Press statistics, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald · in November 8th, the U.S. presidential election in to obtain the 270 electoral votes needed for president elect. In addition to real estate, Trump will extend the scope of investment to other industries, including the creation of casinos, golf courses, etc.. He is also involved in the entertainment industry, is a reality show and other television presenters, and served as president of the Miss Universe pageant. American magazine Forbes in September this year to assess the net assets of approximately $3 billion 700 million in assets of about $. Trump this year to the Federal Election Commission revealed his property status, during the campaign claimed that his net worth billions of dollars more than "." Trump has supported Republican and Democratic presidential contenders for the past 20 years. In June 2015, he officially elected as a Republican candidate to participate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Prior to this, he did not hold public positions. Local time on November 8th, Trump appeared in New York for their own vote, accompanied by his wife. In the primaries, Trump wins. May 3rd in Indiana after the end of the primaries, the last two Party opponents, Texas Senator Cruz and Ohio governor Kacic has announced the withdrawal. In July 19th, Trump was officially nominated as a presidential candidate at the Republican National convention. In this election, Trump proposed the tax cuts as the core of the U.S. priority economic policy. He advocated the creation of jobs through tax reform, tax cuts, deregulation, the promotion of energy sector reform, and the readjustment of trade policies to promote economic growth in the United states. On the diplomatic front, Trump advocated the idea of "American first" as the keynote. Its policy priorities include the fight against extremist groups Islamic state, reshaping the U.S. military strength and the establishment of foreign policy in line with the interests of the United states. Trump is known for his tough stance on immigration. He advocated the expulsion of illegal immigrants in the United States, the current president Obama to halt the illegal immigration amnesty administrative order, as well as the implementation of immigration maximum security review, etc.. Among them, he put in the Mexican border "wall" project in the United States and neighboring Mexico caused widespread controversy. According to U.S. media predicted that U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump in November 8.相关的主题文章: