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Business If you suffer food poisoning in Tunisia, you should seek advice from a compensation claims solicitor when you return to the UK. Some of the most commonly asked questions about food poisoning claims after sickness in Tunisia include: 1.How much can I claim for holiday illness? Contact a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor as soon as you return to the UK. It should not cost you a penny to claim and you will keep ALL of the compensation. 2.How easy is it to claim compensation after sickness in Tunisia? It is easy to make a claim for compensation by speaking to a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor who will guide you through the claims process. A solicitor will also help you to fill in any paperwork and assess your claim free of charge. 3.What are symptoms of food poisoning and gastric illness? Usual symptoms include sickness, stomach cramps, headaches and fever plus diarrhoea. You should contact a doctor at your resort in Tunisia if you are suffering from any type of gastric illness and again when you return to the UK to check you are not still harbouring dangerous bacteria. Food handlers, in particular, must not return to work until they are 100% clear of food poisoning. 4.What if I lose the case? If you lose the case for holiday illness compensation, you will still not have to pay a penny, provided you use a no win, no fee solicitor. 5.Should I use a claims management company for holiday sickness? It is advisable to use a regulated personal injury solicitor in the UK if you have suffered holiday illness or any other type of sickness after eating contaminated food in Tunisia. Your claim will be dealt with on a one to one basis by a solicitor who specialises in holiday illness claims and your information will not be passed on to a third party. 6.What food should I avoid in Tunisia? Any food can cause food poisoning but never eat food which has been reheated day after day, beware of undercooked meat, served pink in the middle and never drink tap water or eat salad dressings which are left out at room temperature. 7.How much paperwork is involved in claiming for holiday illness in Tunisia? Some paperwork is involved when claiming for holiday illness in Tunisia, but if you have any problem filling it in, your personal injury solicitor will help you. 8.In which countries is food poisoning most common? Most of the recent cases of food poisoning on holiday (over the past 18 months) have occurred in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and The Dominican Republic. 9.What are common symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning? Common symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning are sickness, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever and headaches. 10.What can I actually claim for after holiday illness? You can claim for loss of enjoyment of your holiday, medical expenses and pain and discomfort plus loss of income if you are unable to return to work when you arrive back in the UK. Food poisoning outbreaks are far too common at holiday hotels in Tunisia and at all inclusive resorts around the world. If you suffer sickness or injury after eating contaminated food in Tunisia or elsewhere and the illness results from the negligence of the tour operator you should make a claim for compensation as soon as you return to the UK. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: