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U.S. media: China does not rely on nuclear weapons to establish hegemony and beauty critical differences in original title: U.S. media: China does not rely on nuclear weapons to establish hegemony and beauty critical differences in American consumer news and business channel website on October 31st article, the original question: are the key differences between the U.S. nuclear policy, especially in the nuclear deterrent in many areas are catching up with China the United states. But in terms of nuclear weapons, the two heavyweights are unlikely to soon cross, which is the difference between the two countries’ strategic policy. The Carnegie endowment for international peace report clearly pointed out that hidden in the thinking and decision-making behind the two nuclear security paradigm disparate. "The difference is not only from the different security environment and military strength, but also reflects the different basic thinking. Because both countries have formed their own nuclear philosophy in the process of implementing their own security policies." The report says. The following is a list of key differences. The attack was intended to prevent the threat of retaliation, the deterrent force, is one of the basic principles of the United States and Beijing non nuclear. "For a long time, nuclear experts both countries’ nuclear deterrence strategy difference to each other very much puzzled. American scholars believe that nuclear deterrence is justified, while Chinese scholars tend to believe that this is a strong stress." The report says. In addition, the United States believes that the number of nuclear weapons is one of the symbols of global leadership". But China does not seek to use nuclear weapons to establish hegemony. The report said that China’s decision to have nuclear weapons is based on the nuclear warheads on the basis of simplified and effective, and has never been an arms race with other countries. "Compact but effective means that China chooses the appropriate nuclear technology and deployment measures to make its nuclear weapons can fully deter nuclear attacks." The report wrote. What is the safety concerns, the two countries have different definitions. For China, lagging behind developed countries in terms of economy, science, technology, and military affairs has posed a security challenge for policymakers, as it has left the country vulnerable to attack. The report said that in order to avoid being trapped in this helpless situation, Beijing intends to grasp the latest scientific and technological innovation, but it may not be used in weapons. "However, American scholars are not fully aware of this way of thinking, and the two countries have never had any serious dialogue." "(the author Nishenka · Qian Delan, Ding Yuqing) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: