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U.S. media: CNN commentator Hilary camp said suspected to debate over Beijing – Beijing in November 1, comprehensive U.S. media news, October 31st, the U.S. cable television (CNN) announced the Taiwan commentator, interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee Donna · (Donna Brazile); bulaze Seoul to terminate the contract. Previously, Wikileaks exposure e-mail show, Brasel suspected of this year’s general election debate before the primaries, to the Hilary campaign team revealed debate topics. In a statement issued on October 31st, CNN spokesman Lauren · Bula Tapaas (Lauren Pratapas) said that during the CNN of Brasel as the commentator, and interaction of the Clinton campaign "very uncomfortable". Data figure: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary. "WikiLeaks" after the exposure of Brasel in March 12th this year, sent to President Clinton’s campaign team John · on the mail, she said in the message, you will get from time to time in debate asked the question, "I will send a few". "WikiLeaks" followed by exposure of more mail, Brasel has to show on "through questions". In another email in March this year, Brasel told Podesta, there is a problem from the state of Michigan is experiencing a crisis of drinking water of the residents of Flint, said in a message, "her family lead poisoning, she would ask, if Hilary is elected president, what will do to help the people of Flint". Data figure: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary. Bula Tapaas denied that CNN was involved in the matter, saying it had never given Brasel a "way to get the material, the list of participants and the background" before the debate. Brasel is also a commentator at American Broadcasting Company (ABC), but ABC has yet to comment on its contract. In July, CNN and ABC temporarily suspended her contract after Brasel became interim chairman of the Democratic National committee. At that time, the two television stations have said it is expected to resume relations with Brasel after the election.相关的主题文章: