UTS leisurely network digital marketing transformation and upgrading of products and customer value lara fabian

UTS leisurely network digital marketing upgrade thorough product and customer value – Sohu in November 10th, UTour leisurely network to join Bo Jinzhihui (Ptmind), the nine chapter Yunji, announced on three party data marketing platform to achieve cooperation. UTour leisurely network will borrow from the cooperation to better understand customer spending habits, marketing, operation and construction of a unified data platform, so as to further enhance the online channel digital marketing and personalized service. UTour leisurely network general manager Wang Anwei Bo Jinzhihui, founder and CEO of Zheng far, nine chapter vice president Wang Junpeng attended the press conference Yunji. As the most important UTour online platform, UTour leisurely network in recent years continued to force the construction of a unified data marketing, operating platform, and gradually promote the digital operation ability and work efficiency. The wisdom of platinum (Ptmind) has the world’s leading Internet user behavior analysis, product analysis tool has helped the world 184 countries and regions, nearly 7 of thousands of users access to the user, enhance activity, improve the retention rate, to get revenue and selfdiffusion and maximize the investment return, more than 20 billion Online behavior data processing. The nine chapter Yunji research focus on the core technology of big data, integrated data processing platform is committed to building the highest performance, provide a full set of big data solutions for enterprise users, help enterprises to quickly have the capacity of data analysis, its products won the best product award China big data industry. UTour leisurely network general manager Wang Anwei, the three parties will make UTour leisurely network to establish the user centered data architecture, open channel flow, product browsing, ordering, payment, review, social media sharing, notify the user and a full range of data, and on the basis of decision-making mechanism to build user oriented thinking and data and the intelligent application, so as to realize the operation of traditional tourism products by thinking to change around the user operation. Said UTour leisurely network general manager Wang Anwei: "UTour years always adhere to the" quality of service as a prerequisite to the core product ‘, all of which is focused on the’ customer first ‘principle. UTour leisurely network in data platform construction is also to enhance the user experience as the center, our operating personnel can more clearly understand what visitors have what kind of preferences, will also help customers more quickly find suitable tourism products." In recent years, UTS Tourism Group actively expand the outbound travel retail business. In 2014 to make strategic investments in leisurely travel, both sides play their own advantages, strengthen the outbound travel products and resources under the line including the mobile terminal, the online channel closely, to achieve the traditional wholesale and online retail, full O2O resource offline stores and online resource integration. A strategic alliance, UTS tourism to the comprehensive transportation leisurely network outbound tourism products. A new integrated UTour leisurely network () is the transition from the traditional OTA to the tourist resort of O2O platform, is the main domestic tourism services into and around the outbound service, the future will involve all aspects of the service life of exit.相关的主题文章: