Vehicles can be handled in the provinces of Hubei high-speed etc through WeChat audit (video)

Hubei provincial vehicle can handle high speed ETC can be learned from the provincial highway toll center audit by WeChat reporter today, outside the provincial vehicle for Hubei ETC high-speed thoroughfare through WeChat card. After the completion of the card, the province of vehicles passing through our province highway, you can also enjoy discounts. It is understood that after the highway ETC system in our province to share with the traffic control department of information, so as to obtain information for ETC vehicles. But because of the vehicle outside the provincial information is not included in the system, so the Mainlanders have been unable to apply for vehicle speed ETC business. Highway toll center responsible person, this year, for the high speed ETC system has been gradually improved, basically can solve the problem of vehicle outside the provincial audit. Reporters learned that, Hubei high speed ETC WeChat public number has opened online audit function. Outside the provincial vehicle for high speed ETC, the owner can be the first to "Hubei high-speed ETC" public number, select "online audit", upload relevant documents. Through the audit, the system will send back a car reservation code, presided over the reservation code, choose the nearest bank card to receive the "thoroughfare". Truck unit users need to carry: unit organization code certificate or business license, the power of attorney, the original identity card (copy), vehicle driving license and a copy thereof. Cars and trucks: individual users need to carry my identity card and the need for "thoroughfare card" vehicle driving license and a copy of. In addition, the air recharge will also be enabled during the year. Into the Hubei high speed ETC public number, click on the air recharge into the recharge system, you can follow the prompts to enter the card number, license plate number, the freedom to choose the amount of recharge, you can recharge their own ETC account. (reporter Ju Di) ETC card mobile phone online for high-speed large Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: