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Vino Veritas! Lin Chiling: Edison Chan why do you attack me? Lin Chiling Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, supermodel Lin Chiling [micro-blog] these days has become the focus of attention, not only because of Ruby Lin and Hsu Chi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] married, so she was ridicule as "Taiwan 3 golden 3S lady" only "3S lady", recently by the Edison Chan [micro-blog] public insults. Although Lin Chiling’s always maintain a high EQ, seemingly calm, did not expect the recent vino Veritas, do not understand why they should bear such attacks, said the helpless mood. Lin Chiling Qin Shupei was accused of involvement in the end of July show "my new clothes", let oneself can not participate in the recording, so Edison Chan jumped out at her whirlwind "bitch", after being harsh words to attack. But usually the kind she always with high EQ response, but according to Hongkong media reports, the 4 day was photographed dinner and "wide elder sister" Qiu Likuan, after a few drinks will reveal sad mood, do not understand why Edison Chan do, also dissatisfied with the brokerage company, carve out long-term cooperation and help with agent Yan Rouyi the program is not the first time Ye Ketang jumped out, but at the time when interviewed wide elder sister scolded "see you (Edison Chan) a play once". At present, because she did not sign any good friends about brokers, so people can help her to work, also seems to be so out of the situation and no one is willing to immediately to help. In addition, Lin Chiling has also been Oprah Xu Shengmei and Jerry Yan [micro-blog] half brother broke the news did not break up with Jerry Yan, but now he came to be a billionaire businessman surnamed C fierce pursuit, the other older than her, admire her holdings of listed companies, gas quality, had no chance to meet, after the man is actively through the fashion circle of friends know her, after also witnessed 2 people dining alone. In this regard, wide elder sister report her words to clarify the "swear they are not met, and the merchant relations whitewash.相关的主题文章: