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Visit Qinling Mountains deep " "   C Village; health departments: will increase the proportion of reimbursement (HD Photo) – Guizhou channel: original title: visit " " village deep in the Qinling Mountains; hepatitis C; health departments will improve reimbursement: 57 year old Lu Shuxia ex husband due to liver cirrhosis died, their current husband by the investigation of suffering from hepatitis C reporter Chen Yonghui Wen Yan Wen Qing’s photo in the depths of the mountains of Qinling Mountains Shangzhou District of Shangluo City, a remote village south of a village, many villagers suffering from Haruki young had hepatitis C, hepatitis C, spent almost all of the savings, the more family are suffering from hepatitis C, among them. Some people, because no money to treat vomiting blood and die, and some people are waiting for death…… C, the term has become a nightmare for all Haruki. Confirmed by the local official investigation, many villagers infected with hepatitis C and the last century, 70s and 80s out the collective selling blood related experience. Recently, the reporter in-depth village site visits, face-to-face communication with the patients, through their talk, let us into the inner world of HCV carriers. Case: fear of "the saying goes" family ahead of the tomb to the hoop October 10th the gloomy sky, from time to time to drop the rain, this bleak day makes people feel depressed and dreary. The reporter drove along the country road, came to the mountain in the South Bay Shangzhou District Jing Town, village, village road from time to time on the long age villagers move slowly walking, almost all of the young people in the village of migrant workers. Beside a fork in the road of a tableland, new house two layer four looks very conspicuous, 60 year old Wang Kanliang and his wife sat on the stool in the yard, at the close of the mountain, two people from time to time to exchange a few words. Behind them, although the house is a new building, but an empty home a few decent furniture, small house door hanging after needle bottle. Since built a house, the couple became sick, son to go out to earn money, my daughter is married, the family left the couple. Wang Kanliang and his wife Ding Caifeng are patients with cirrhosis, 2013 Wang Kanliang because he felt physical fatigue, chest suffocation to the hospital, found suffering from hepatitis C, despite aggressive treatment, but to the development of liver cirrhosis. Last year, Ding Caifeng also found suffering from cirrhosis. In September this year at the beginning of the day, Ding Caifeng suddenly big vomiting blood, Wang Kanliang rushed to live in the city’s daughter telephoned, Ding Caifeng will be sent to the hospital, spent less than half a month in the hospital spent nearly a million, Ding Caifeng went home. In fact, the big blood more than once, in March, Ding Caifeng appeared once, during the time in hospital, would "go" to take care of things, the family will keep ahead of the grave to the hoop. This is two or three years, Mr. Wang Kanliang has lived in several hospitals, can say two people have been repeatedly from the gate of the hell to survive. "Look, this is my wife and I have a few years to diagnose the book, there are a lot of drugs, this box to 3000 yuan, it is not afford to eat ah." Wang Kanliang said this, lower the head silent for a long time, "the doctor ran out of money, can not drag the children, let it be." Wang)相关的主题文章: