Visit the tomb into the rocks of the Han Dynasty time

Sichuan in the mountains of Qijiang town

Photography: Wang Lei

Sichuan fertile land in a broad, meandering rivers arranged in a crisscross pattern. The giant river coast trickle heavy Luan, who can not tell how much possession of the Han Dynasty tomb. For most modern people, these silent, damp caves are nothing. Walking into the rocks "room house", as the bright carving but let me as you see the storage time before.

Sunjiawan cliff group

hidden in the wilderness of the field

Photography: Wang Lei

Qijiang town location remote three county

Sichuan Mianyang, Abraham to visitors. The newly built high arch Stone Street "a surname Wangcheng" and "East Guanghan county" list, prosecution of past glory. In fact, in addition to geography of a word or two, Shan surface already can not find the memory before the Tang dynasty. The survey materials have published the cliff, the name of the town soon spread out. In the face of special interest visitors, the villagers gradually become accustomed to.

The mysterious

tomb tomb

Photography: Chen Xinyu

was in the Eastern Han Dynasty tomb Qijiang town thirty miles of the border is quite intensive. Close to the town of Zijin Mountain, gold Zijin Bay tombs by maintenance, opening. More tombs after survey and mapping, as in the past to fallow in cliff, vegetation masking amount of a few people interested. In the field environment, for archaeological sites, visit is often not easy.

town near the cliff gold Zijin Mountain area

Photography: Liang Jian

autumn three years ago, the first time I sichuan. The train across Qinling Mountains, along the Jialing River, mountains and rivers and magnificent moist eyes click into place. A few days later in the morning, at Qijiang early in the morning I stepped out of the door. Town, decadent longnao bridge was silent, not clear cock ups and downs, the mountains hidden in the milky white in the fog. By the archaeological report of the terrain, I walked hurriedly to a narrow mountain road, contemplating time went to the next group of cliff.

Bay Zijin tomb on the wall, Shu Feng Yun Han

Photography: Chen Xinyu

Berlin is a small mountain slope distance town about six or seven miles up and down the slope, the total distribution of more than and 20 mountain cliff, Qijiang around quietly across the hill. The day before, search is registered as a tomb of the large tomb failed to do so; after astray, I finally arrived at the destination. If the ancient tombs are beautifully decorated compared to the nether world homes, so as with the Sichuan Chongqing region most cliff combination, this mansion located at the central most generous. The tomb is not conspicuous, but added, in order to find the cave.

for "None" portrait and the famous Golden Zijin Mountain area, cliff

Photography: Wang Lei