Wang mainland debut eight years to do a supporting role to fight hard to keep the heart unchanged

The king, after eight years as the supporting efforts of Wang, Wang, the beginning of the same heart "my girlhood" stills 1 Sina entertainment news, Wang [micro-blog], last year with Pi Pi but affectionate "Xu Taiyu" in a corner of bursting with popularity, known as the new Asian male god jin! The success of one of the top Chinese film hot meat he has black skin, bright signs smile, unique temperament makes him the ideal lover 90 thousands of girls become overnight, more is the two dimension fans called the live version of "yingmuhuadao". The 91 year old boy was born in 2008, he began to play MV, since then played a series of TV series, the 4 film. In the past eight years, the role of the king is not a lot of actor, but he is still working seriously every work, cherish every opportunity and try to do the best. Wang said: "in fact, I will not play the most handsome, people tend to ignore the good conditions of the actors in the back of the actors to pay the effort to do the actors, I am serious." When the success of the know his position, the king, took the same heart and have excellent acting in front of a goal! In the studio, Wang, time to speculate role discourse, action, manner, even if it is a subtle tone to consider for a long time. Even if the sick should also be dedicated to the completion of filming, any dangerous scene and the fight also insist on himself. When taken too demanding inside play, was crying to collapse. This attitude and momentum at the age of 24. He really ushered in the belongs to his achievements and recognition. It is reported that the smile of magic, since his debut the same heart of the sunshine boys, as at the end of the year and three screen will meet you, then this "land cyclone" will produce what kind of impact, let us wait and see! (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: