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Wang Zhonglei Li Chen when the face of pouring wine, Li Chen, but Fan Bingbing indifferent! Li Chen and Fan Bingbing – Sohu entertainment together this year show loving and dog food, or at least a few tons of it, two people go to where there was no shortage of food ah, recently said that two people and a dog appeared together on the day of the special offer is strewn with the audience. On the day, Wang Zhonglei, Feng Xiaogang, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing have come back at the scene, Fan Bingbing wearing a hat backpack, up bright and clear, while her boyfriend Li Chen is a black coat, looked very handsome, in the signature links, Fan Bingbing also very considerate to Li Chendi signature pen. Although the picture is warm, but it was Fan Bingbing’s second broken ass hoof shoes, hey, this shoe is really eat lotus root, but Fan Bingbing is not short, but always love to wear this increased thick shoes, also don’t understand her aesthetic. But the key is the food is not finished yet, when Fan Bingbing Li Chen signed Li Chen pulled back carefully to remind, ouch, domineering Fan Ye this is become intimate little woman, gee, really love can make female Chinese paper second soft sister ah. However, Fan Bingbing and Li Chenxiu love, and Feng Xiaogang Wang Zhonglei put down the bag and began to drink and others, Fan Bingbing and Wang Zhonglei also with the example of a cup, a netizen said the site is not the cup yet, some netizens even worry about two people is to drink a cup of wine with the rhythm of it? The worry is redundant, because then Fan Bingbing took the lift up to drink wine, but the Wang Zhonglei cup. This time a great black Li Chen? How do you not see? A few months ago, Li Chen is not back to block the wine, it was also said that the boyfriend boyfriend max. I don’t know what to do. Li Chen, however, Wang Zhonglei and Fan Bingbing are old friends, and Fan Bingbing is a former Huayi’s artist, while Fan Bingbing left Huayi after the two sides had not rumors, but for so many years, the two old friends are on the way encounter both sides are still very happy, Wang Zhonglei will look at the state, praised Fan Bingbing is still beautiful. And this year’s Huayi Brothers annual meeting of the new year, Fan Bingbing also with Li Chen attended, and generous and Huayi Brothers, Mister Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei brothers on the photo, then four people in addition to Fan Bingbing all drink flushed. But for Li Chen in the end where users make up the brain "is estimated to go to the toilet." well, it certainly is! 87.75% interesting young people are watching "gossip". The App store search "talk", the new generation of intellectual interest and information platform.相关的主题文章: