Wang Zhonglei responded to Wang Sicong industry mobility is a normal thing – Sohu Entertainment 660003

Wang Zhonglei Wang Sicong responded: industry personnel flow is a normal thing – Entertainment Sohu Wang Zhonglei (data plan)   Sohu entertainment news at noon on November 18th, Feng Xiaogang issued an "open letter" from Pan Jinlian to Mr Wang Jianlin in the circle of friends and micro-blog, suspected rebuke movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" in Wanda suffered cold. Subsequently, Wang Sicong called Feng Xiaogang "pengci" back to the "talk show for work." In the face of Feng Xiaogang again, thinking to respond, said "thank you to reveal to the public cause". This war from the beginning of 18 noon, Huayi official, Fan Bingbing, who joined the battlefield. 18 PM, Wang Zhonglei also issued a document in micro-blog, Wanda, Huayi also refers to poaching. Wang Zhonglei: the Sicong, factual, "headhunt" hat is not at all, you can have time reading about Wanda executive resume, Huayi jioubu proportion is not small, just two examples: Du Yang (Hua Yuan Huayi Brothers film marketing manager Li Xue (CO), general manager Hua Yuan Huayi brokerage company)! Industry personnel flow is the workplace normal things, not only a dig "small plaster"! If this is not the first thing I should be unhappy"!   相关的主题文章: