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Want to eat porridge shop in Hulan rejected a drunk knife stabbed room 17, 11 pm, in the city of South Street and East Rd Hulan District intersection Wah mall in front of the road, a man wearing camouflage room was a middle-aged man with a knife stabbed to death, the perpetrators were on the spot control. Hulan patrol Auxiliary Police Brigade two squadrons of the auxiliary police, a more than and 50 year old man in the middle of the road will be a more than and 30 year old man riding wearing camouflage uniforms with a knife stabbed, holding nearly 30 cm long knife to go across the road patrol duty point. The auxiliary police followed up, saw the opportunity to quickly grasp the man with a knife, and then grabbed the knife, the man was a slight resistance, but was quickly overpowered. The suspect claimed to have just drunk 3 bottles of beer to go to a shop to eat, but the victim refused, so he will kill each other. Area police station rushed to the scene to take away the suspect, 120 emergency personnel arrived confirmed that the man was killed on the spot. Reporters from another nearby porridge shop learned that day about 10:40, the more than and 50 year old drunken man kicked the door chuaikai porridge shop, into the house to drink, was the boss refused to leave. Porridge shop owner said, this man is not the first time to store shuajiu Feng, every time is almost a drunken state, people came to the store to scold, the guests were frightened, as well as others in the store are to drink, "the man without a home, in the District of Hulan is a the name of the wine glass. I heard just south street murder, later learned that he did, was not my staff room." Provide a video display, murdered man was riding a bike behind the old, with a white plastic box, the man upside down on the road, there are a lot of blood below the head and body, the police cordoned off the scene. At present, the suspect has been transferred to the Hulan Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Team, the specific reasons for the case the police are under further investigation.相关的主题文章: