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WeChat circle of friends for a few days Ya "canvassing" change "industrial chain" vote actually available to buy comic Zhao Jian, Ms. Fang people busy canvassing for her daughter in the circle of friends — for the first time the child works in this way show it to friends, she is very excited. However, in each group of tickets for forwarding, she was a friend of "poured a pot of cold water": "for trouble now is to buy tickets, convenient and not ask for help." Ms. Fang suddenly ignorant: "that my vote and what?" Reporters learned that the investigation, in the circle of friends of WeChat "canvassing" has become an underground industry chain, spent 0.2 yuan ~1 yuan can buy. "No", is quietly changed…… "Still the votes?" Buying a ticket is not convenient! Buying a ticket is not convenient! Ms. Fang’s daughter in cagsawa international Yangtze River Zidu kindergarten read small class, in mid October, the park will be something work on the official WeChat public number, display voting, "excellent parent works" award statistics before three, the voting closes at the end of October. Ms. Fang attaches great importance to this vote, after all, is the first work of her daughter’s life, it is memorable". So, Ms. Fang actively canvassing for children in their own circle of friends, relatives and friends and to show her works. However, her enthusiasm was soon put out by a friend". This friend bluntly, and now many people are afraid of trouble, are direct buy, do not owe people can have a high number of votes. Ms. Fang heard instantly ignorant: "do not sigh?" Then, this friend also told Ms. Fang how to identify the buying behavior: a short time, the rapid growth of the number of votes, and high ticket ahead, it is likely to be buying behavior. Ms. Fang heard this, and then see the children in the class have a classmate of the votes ahead, can not help but also some doubts. This kindergarten Xinghua said, kindergarten indeed often use the official WeChat public, communicate with parents, often organize some activities to vote on WeChat, but has not found a "buy" behavior, do not think it is necessary to "buy" votes: high general will only get a certificate of merit, and no special weight the material reward, voting is just to let the parents pay more attention to the children only, won’t let "ticket" get changed. 2 cents to buy a psychological setback Ya reporter through various channels to interview some "ticket" parents find that "tickets" approach is very simple: there are a large number of Internet service providers, as long as the input "WeChat keyword canvassing" or "canvassing", immediately jump out of the page a large number of businesses to provide "WeChat group," canvassing "each vote task group" and other services. Some businesses are under the banner of "win in WeChat" and "contenders" slogan, said that as long as willing to spend money to vote is not a problem; the operation is particularly simple, direct voting link to the business to offer, quotation generally between 0.2 yuan ~1 yuan. In a network brush ticket flagship store, single month brush ticket sales of nearly 50 thousand pen, and they are the name of MOE treasure vote gimmick to attract customers. Their customer service to provide a quote to reporters: a nursery WeChat vote at a price of 0.23 yuan, to ensure that the manual is pure manual cast y相关的主题文章: