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Wenzhou drunk driving men crossing a hide check is monitored photographed to escape punishment into traffic police check, the car two men do not admit that he is a driver. Which hides what trick? Listen to the teacher Bodaolai. This is: drunk man drove the car, crossing a hide check; first tricky camera, on suspicion of drunk driving to escape punishment. According to the Wenzhou city traffic police detachment five brigade police on duty in September 21st, around 8 p.m., they in Longwan District Yongqiang Avenue intersection card on duty, found in front of the intersection of a car suddenly stopped, then sitting in the driver’s seat and the copilot seat two men off exchange position. Upon seeing the police, immediately approached the car stopped to ask, when the driver’s seat man Wu panicked and told the police car was originally a busy passenger seat Dumou open, Dumou said his car phone is not safe, and he changed his position, let him open. Surprisingly, sitting on the driver’s seat of a resolute not to admit that he was driving the car. The police let two people take a breath alcohol test, Wu found no alcohol in the passenger seat of Du an alcohol content of 76 mg / 100 ml, on suspicion of drunk driving, but Dumou still does not recognize their own car, the police will be two parties back to the traffic police team further investigation. Subsequently, the police retrieved video surveillance vehicles through the line of view. Monitoring screen display, when the driver sat in the driver’s seat to sit on the car, and then sat on the copilot seat, the car along the coast six road all the way to open. But this is the case, Du still does not admit his drunk driving. The next morning, when Dumou in evidence, finally admitted his drunk driving facts. It is understood that a 31 year old Du, Hubei to warm workers. Dumou account, the incident he ate in the Wu family Hot pot friends that night, drink a cup of red bayberry wine, after two people discuss out. He drove out from Yongfeng City home, did not expect to encounter the police near the Yongqiang Avenue intersection. He had drunk driving was punished by the traffic police, if the driver was punished for drunk driving again, will face the revocation of driver’s license and detention punishment, so holding a fluke, and Wu changed the position. Subsequent blood test results show that Du blood alcohol content of 85 mg of 100 ml, has been arrested for drunk driving. At present, Du Mou has been jingfangxingju, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: