What does the male doctor think about to the female patient sexhu

What does the male doctor think about to the female patient? I am a doctor in the Department of Dermatology, as the body’s largest organ, the skin has a irreplaceable characteristics but people do not attach importance to the. We often say that individuals will have skin diseases, but there are some skin problems do not affect people’s lives or work. Yesterday to a patient to see a doctor, she asked me a question: do you not check in to my body, what was going on in your head? What am I thinking? The original speed of the head, so she asked, I really do not know what to think. This is one of the patients with psoriasis, her body covered with scaly erythema, from head to foot is erythema, erythema with a thick scales. The original disease, can be diagnosed at a glance, but she is too heavy, and opened a check. After taking off my coat, I saw her body. In fact, the head did not think anything, just want to see how serious her situation. In the process of examination, want to know her treatment. Because psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease, if not stimulated, will not develop so serious. In the end is this irresponsible doctor to treat the patient into this? How can I deal with such a serious situation? On that day, I pay special attention to what I was thinking about when I was checking out a woman. Later, there was a patient with syphilis. She was lucky enough to find a case of syphilis. I had some logical examination, of course including gynecological examination. When I arrived at the examination room, I let the patient take off his clothes and lie on the examining table. At this time I was thinking about a few questions: there is no clean sex life? Who transmitted it to you? Does the husband have? I saw her on the typical hard chancre of vulva, thought, and so on as a typical textbook. There is thinking, in the end to give the patient what kind of penicillin treatment. Third patients are a little girl, she has a special disease, breast eczema, which also needs to be checked. I called her to the examination room. Her nipples just development, but the problem is more serious, some began swelling and exudation of areola. At this time, I was thinking, how much of this situation on the child? If you go to the public baths, many children feel shy? How to treat this disease? Breast eczema will be combined with other diseases? As a department of Dermatology doctor, I am the general patient is a woman, every day to check the body of at least ten female patients. At that time, I think the most is the condition, sometimes it will respond to sympathy, but will not think of anything else, perhaps this is a habit of it.   相关的主题文章: