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UnCategorized The fascination with action figures does not show any sign of abatement as yet and many of us still would like to buy action figures of our choice given the opportunity. The main reason is the sentiment attached to such figures as many of them remind us of our youth. The cost therefore is something that is not a major constraint and we would like to keep adding to our collection so that we also pass it on as a legacy to our children. Of course the fact that some of them hold great value with passing years is another reason for this passion and enthusiasm. There is also a school of thought who believe that these action figures should be purchased not with the intention of an investment but because they are so artistically made. There are individuals who view them as fine pieces of art and that is their singular motivation when purchasing these cute figures. If over time, the value does go up then they are happy but that is just incidental and not the main motive. The choice of action figures that is available nowadays is also something that is prompting purchases. They range from athletes to .ic to sci-fi and since they are so attractively packed and presented, they are a temptation to many. The trend now is to release action figures along with the launch or release of a television serial or movie that has sci-fi has its main theme. If it be.es a success, the craze for the action figures of that series or movie jumps manifold and if you had bought them at the time of the launch, you can make a good profit as by then the supply is nonexistent and there are many people clamouring for these figures. So how should you go about collecting action figures? Well, the first thing is to decide why you want to buy these action figures and since usually it is either for making some financial gains or for just the fun of it, your strategy will have to change accordingly. The next question that arises is what to collect and how to go about it as many have tried buying whatever they could lay their hands on and have ended up accumulating figures that are mismatched and all over the place. It is thus essential to concentrate on any one niche and go about collecting figures of that niche with single minded devotion. The effort can be .pared to that of card collectors, stamp collectors, coin collectors and one thing .mon in them is that they are clear about what they wish to collect and do not go for everything that is available. This way they are able to build up a collection that is consistent and are able to cash in on them at the appropriate time. So if you wish to buy action figures, concentrate on what your interests are and if that is movies, then go for figures that are movie oriented and so on. Make a list of your interests and choose one to three of them so that you have a backup plan and are able to source them without much difficulty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: