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"Where" the magical animal exposure New Trailer magic animal first revealed truth – Sohu Newt entertainment scamandre UFO swept New York bird snake [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by J.K. Rowling, the first screenwriter 3D fantasy masterwork "magical animal where" in November 25th will be released in the mainland, the film again today (October 31st) exposure to the new trailer, just 30 seconds but a huge amount of information, the trailer earlier exposure only a glimpse of the Thunderbird, snake, bird erumpent, magic animal finally 11 zhenrong! Where is the "magic animal" tells the story of a new story in North American wizarding Magic: British zoologist Newt Schapman de (Eddie Reid meien ornaments) loaded with the magic box animal came to the United States of New York, but in a few cases the magic animal accident escape, let Newt into the wizarding world "dangerous." at the same time, a mysterious magic power in New York has caused confusion, the three Newt and new friends on the path to save the magic animal adventure. Notice a smile with Newt holding the box meaningful, this suitcase is not only by Newt from around the world to rescue the magic animal’s hideout is a fantastic magic space; lens, magic animal turns Debut Trailer than before the exposure, the 30 second preview display the animal’s picture and close-up: breath can be deadly nundu needs more than 100 skilled magician to subdue; huge wings, can cause lightning and rain Thunderbird as a golden lightning across the dark sky; a long snake body, covered with feathered snake poison; size, angle the beast like rhino appears to be Newt’s friend Jacob and his angry chicken…… The film not only had only seen in the book name magic animal to true to life entity, Rowling also specially created a magic flying creature curled Wing Butterfly Lizard and the colors of the animal, as its name, still will roll up wings wrapped in green prickly cocoon. In addition, Newt and Lo Greaves notice (Colin Farrell) many magic, as if trying to save a big storm. Unidentified black sand swept, the street was set off a series of tiles, the crowd chaos lens is fleeting, but will be out of control situation the most incisive description can cause confusion, speculation, not just the magic animal, then stymy, is where the forces of the dark, only to find the cinema answer. The film will be on November 25th in 3D, IMAX3D, 3D and China IMAX format in China released in mainland, the new magic frenzy is coming!相关的主题文章: