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Who am I killed? Sichuan Luzhou brother killed the elderly families take the initiative to seek new network – tachograph video surveillance (respondents for map) Sichuan Luzhou news network November 1st news (reporter Yue Dong) in the usual traffic accident reports, for the families of the perpetrators escape, or the police find the perpetrators. In October 31st, a Luzhou taxi master named Zhu Yongjun, found the Sichuan news network reporter said that his 10 days ago accidentally killed a man, without any contact and identity certificate of the elderly people, hope that through the media to find the family of the deceased. Zhu Yongjun, 37, is a taxi driver. October 31st afternoon, the Sichuan news network reporter saw Zhu Yongjun, he saw some weariness. "I have been in business for more than 10 years, and the first time I had a car accident." Zhu Yongjun said, these days I have been trying to find the families of the elderly, "how to compensate on how to compensate, wanted to put it out, otherwise my heart always not." The old man accidentally knocked the identity a mystery Zhu Yongjun told the Sichuan news network reporter, October 21st at 11:45 in the evening, his car from the municipal government by the main road to Jiangcheng Road, driving by Shaw lane traffic light intersection, by the oncoming lights, accidentally knocked down an old man. "The two cars on the opposite side of the road were very bright, and in the twinkling of an eye, no one noticed the crossing." Zhu Yongjun said. Feel the right side of the car is abnormal, immediately stop and see an old man lying on the ground." Zhu Yongjun said he immediately called the police, the old man rushed to the hospital, the elderly were sent to the intensive care unit. It is understood that the old man aged about 70 years old, 43 meters tall, gray eyebrow, was wearing a blue and White Pinstripe wool coat and a black and white plaid shirt, wearing light colored denim trousers. "Although it is a blue and white striped coat, actually wearing very dirty, the old man is not clean, like wandering for a long time." Zhu Yongjun said that due to the elderly who do not have any contact and identity documents, it is expected to find the elderly family members. "That night I have been outside the ward until 5 in the morning, I thought the arrival of the family, or an explanation." The families of the injured also did not come to the hospital. Until 6 am on October 22nd, when Zhu Yongjun in the traffic police brigade to make a record signature, came the news of the tragic death of the elderly. The death of the elderly driver for the families of the deceased due to a car accident, Zhu Yongjun to keep to the traffic police department for investigation, at present he has been unemployed. He is also regarded as an old driver, familiar with the rules, usually the party should bear the main responsibility, so I would like to find the families of the deceased as soon as possible." Zhu Yongjun told the Sichuan news network reporter, how to compensate on how to compensate, but it wants to. In order to find the families of the elderly, Zhu Yongjun and then came to the scene, visited the surrounding. In addition to visit, I also called friends to help find, but ten days later, has not found the family." Traffic police are investigating the user called the subsequent, the reporter learned from the Luzhou traffic police brigade was informed that the afternoon of the day, there is doubt"相关的主题文章: