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"Who" Dongyang a xylophone: I just want to describe people’s desire for the Sina entertainment dialogue Dongyang director To Youchi Xu Wen, take Haochen figure Sina entertainment news famous Japanese director To Youchi has created a "dream village" "the river with no bridge" and many other works, not only in Japan was rated very high, also repeatedly winning in the overseas, to be sure. The existing East director at the age of 81 after a lapse of six years to launch a new "xylophone" who shortly before landing Japanese cinema, held at the end of October the twenty-ninth session of the Tokyo International Film Festival was also elected to the "JAPAN NOW" unit to meet with the audience. "Who" adapted from the xylophone Japan won the Naoki prize writer well written novels about the wilderness, is an ordinary housewife Sayoko after receiving the young hairdresser sea Doo mail, a series of stories into a tracker caused. The Japanese housewife queen Takako Tokiwa played by the young generation, beautician actress Ikematsu Soryo plays. We at the Tokyo Film Festival on the new and previous classic works of Dongyang director of the interview, he explained, "and" who shot the xylophone and enable the pond pine to us the reason for his. And when we talk to Chinese and contact, the director said "East three baseman" have been invited to China screenings, but ultimately failed to go because of his wounded. For director Zhang Yimou created the "Red Sorghum" in the east at the director praised, said the Japanese can not produce such a good movie, compared to China, Japan is completely "catch-up" status in the film, but now the works of Zhang Yimou let him love. About "who" wanted to dig pool Songzhuang xylophone: bright Sina more potential Entertainment: "who is your xylophone" after 6 years of work, what would you take it? Dongyang: Well, this is the well I stumbled in the bookstore in the wilderness of the novel, "who" the title of a xylophone started very attractive to me, because I don’t know what is the meaning of this title. After reading the novel, I had the idea of a movie, I am very worried about this novel by other director to lead a work, they worry about being a bad movie. So, I quickly contacted my producer, and the film was completed. Sina entertainment: this work is really a very wonderful work, let me think a lot. Although the hero of the film is a housewife, but I am still on Ikematsu Soryo played a corner of the sea is full of interest. May be their relationship and the role of similar age, work behavior sometimes can be understood in the bucket, but sometimes feel that his action is a little fantastic. Director of the film in the production, is to the "sea fight" to shape a role? Dongyang 1: Well, the understanding of the role of the estimates will indeed vary from person to person. He is not a young man in modern society. I just want to describe a character different from ordinary youth. This figure may not be in the community, but it certainly exists. This role has been very lonely, surrounded by ubiquitous social pressure, but he still through his own way to grams)相关的主题文章: