With high odds to attract players WeChat red envelopes into a network of gambling stand by me shinee

With the high odds to attract game player WeChat red into online gambling original title: how to become a red WeChat Internet gambling criminals malicious use of new forms of gambling mobile payment platform and network envelopes derived. They use random network envelopes, size, number of single and double Oshio and other forms of gambling. There are illegal online gambling illegal means to obtain a large number of game currency and sell to the players, two-way exchange with the RMB, the use of differences and exchange rate profit. With the development of network technology, more and more traditional gambling behavior began to be transferred to the Internet, and many new methods were derived from Dezhou. Some netizens bankrupted because of Internet gambling. Internet gambling has become a major cancer network ecology. Red, the game into a new mode of network gambling Tencent production of black combat network special action director Zhu Jinsong, currently the gambling network mainly has four modes: one is the use of the website or APP, by way of broadcast to offline casino gamblers onto the network, as long as the registered personal account and recharge, you can participate in gambling; the two is based on competitive sports, the welfare lottery results of peripheral gambling, such as soccer gambling websites; the third is a new form of gambling criminals malicious use of mobile payment platform and network envelopes derived. They use random network envelopes, size, number of single and double Oshio and other forms of gambling. There is a kind of network gambling is to use some casual game platform, the criminals get a large number of game currency through hacking, hacking, cheating and other illegal means, and to sell the game player, two-way exchange and RMB "exchange rate", using the difference and profit. In Internet gambling, many people will be numb to the "digital money", because the traditional gambling is by way of cash settlement, and online gambling in money is just a string of numbers, so the user will gambling loss rate more rapidly. At the same time, the convenience of the network, but also makes more people to participate in gambling, not only easier to form some big bets, and makes criminals open gambling lower cost. WeChat red gambling: random amount into the lottery results due to the randomness of the WeChat, Alipay red, some of the main advantage of the random number is the amount of red gambling, some even lost a few million game player. The day before, a place in Jiangsu city in Nantong Province, the WeChat red gambling cases makes more than a million of money losing game player. In the "night of imperial gambling group" of WeChat group, the main group set up complicated gambling rules to attract gamblers to join. WeChat group is very cautious, must be introduced by the group in the game player, the old gamblers can enter the audit group, the group will not participate in gambling regular cleaning member. Gambling group does not chat, can not send other gambling group advertising. Gambling group staff will send red envelopes randomly within the group, and as a result the lottery envelopes mantissa, the rules can be divided into long Hudou, single note, even the code and so on. Dragon and tiger is to charge 50 yuan, 5000 yuan cap, the first red envelopes for the Dragon 5 mantissa the last red mantissa of tiger, dragon, tiger, and you can bet and bet, odds are 1:2. Second and the single note is 50 yuan and 5000 yuan cap, Jing相关的主题文章: