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With Venus "Paramount" comedy tonight to join Wong Cho Lam, Huang Xiaoming back – variety melee Beijing Beijing in September 14, in the outdoor reality show heat decreased gradually after saturation, the comedy variety gradually rise, occupy an increasingly important position in the variety map. Oriental TV comedy variety with the fire field into a clash of the battlefield and Oriental TV come in a throng, and recently has great action, comedy variety "old driver" to start. In September 13th, the Oriental TV program launch conference held in Shanghai, sounded the assembly brought joy, Oriental TV CO produced with the Yuan pure media the first domestic scene comedy variety show "–" Paramount tonight ". Talk show queen Venus, actress Zhang Haiyu and other guests appeared at the conference site. "The scene comedy variety show, comedy variety and a new formula of Huang Xiaoming and Wong Cho Lam at the back door" black "tonight" Dragon TV pilot "The Legendary Swordsman" such people comedy talent competition, a "happy" comedy so professional PK, we have to think of some new forms. "Tonight" and paramount is a scene comedy variety show, it is closely related with the current life and language." Oriental TV Center independent producer, director of "Paramount" tonight Wang Yong had said in an interview, "if you use to describe this program, is 1 people, 7 scenes, each of the 3 roles, 10 performances about the series, we have the string field, but not a moderator role." Venus and Zhang Haiyu is the scene of a performance in the "private custom" fragments: Venus play tailor, Zhang Haiyu in the segment "Venus playing teacher", two "Venus" Qipao, staged a golden sister custom clothes plot. Tailor Venus side to help "Venus teacher" measurement of the body, one side ridicule ridicule each other. Zhang Haiyu of Venus Venus imitate lifelike, not only by the teacher’s praise, but also won warm applause from the audience. This fragment is not only the black of Venus, but also the attitude of Venus entertainment. "As the first phase of the program, Venus, Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam have been at many times, but we sometimes are good and true, but do not attempt an ineffective solution. We asked the guests’ key word is’ subversion ‘, they even want to break their own, to open their own Frank in front of the audience." "Tonight" Paramount director, Oriental TV Center independent filmmakers Ye Feng spoke said. The program group is invited as the paramount "Venus" tonight "Chin" is the true feeling of venus. General director Ye Feng said, "Venus’s talk show is an original talk show. Others talk said may be piece, Venus is in your own words of his own experience, she is a stage of life and the true nature of people. And we have a variety of programs derived from the side of the real timeliness of the subject matter, we let the true temperament of the golden sister to play around the real scene, looking forward to like the "Venus show" as a surprise." Quasi live, no NG move on the screen of the audience has been tested through laughter and Ning Caishen, along with the reputation of Li Xunhuan.相关的主题文章: