Won the Premier League coach of the year September best love world wave best goal (video) drop dead diva

The Premier League coach klopp September Love waves in the world the best goal [collection] Phil Mino score + points Liverpool 2-1 reversal Swansea Klopp won the best coach in September premier sports news October 14th Premier Tencent officially announced in September, the results of the best selection from Liverpool coach klopp (data) won the Best Coach Award, Henderson against Chelsea (data) from the world was elected the best matches the goal. In order to increase the interaction between the fans and the Premier League this season, officials changed the original selection method of best month coaches and players, from the original pure "default", now changed to a twitter vote + expert group with the method of voting. Premier League coach of the Month award was founded in the 1993-94 season, the first prize winner is Ferguson, he also ranked first in the 27 horror. The Premier League player of the Month award in the 1994-95 season, the first winner was Klinsmann at Spurs, Gerrard still to occupy the top 6 award. The Premier League official announced the September best goal selection results, Liverpool captain Henderson against Chelsea scored a wonderful break long-range election. At that time, Liverpool continuous siege of Chelsea, when Cahill came to the rescue of the ball at the foot of Henderson, Liverpool star directly select curling shot, the humiliation of the Chelsea keeper Courtois, this brilliant goal in September was elected the best. Klopp won the Best Coach Award in September, this past month, Klopp led the team in the Premier League three wins out of three, Liverpool beat are Leicester city and Chelsea City, Hull, in the three game, the Reds scored 11 goals, attack power is very strong. This is for the first time since the Liverpool coach klopp, won the award, and he was well deserved, in this selection, the slag TERT defeats the match respectively with Pochettino, Guardiola, Pardo and Wenger. It is worth mentioning that the nominated coach team won three straight successes. (Ruud)相关的主题文章: