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Word forest city! Add Shenzhen – new direct route heavy johor! The upcoming opening of Shenzhen Bahru flights! It is reported that the main promoters of the direct flights in the country garden group, recently with the Shanghai spring group has reached a strategic cooperation, and the direct route is an important step in the strategic cooperation between the two sides. Following the May 30th Guangzhou direct route opened on behalf of Johor, overseas strategy for forest garden city adds a major positive. Shenzhen Bahru – the opening of the direct flights, passengers will undoubtedly open Chinese through a new portal, Malaysia, further strengthened the Johor Senai Airport as Malaysia’s second largest international hub. The inaugural flight Anniversary Edition hot open grab newspaper group that enjoy preferential Shenzhen Johor additional surprises brought is not only the opening of direct flights, transportation is convenient, it is a lifestyle change. 4 hours non-stop flight, basically the same as the domestic short distance travel, flying can easily reach the National Park City (details of the group to buy comments). According to Spring Airlines introduce Shenzhen to Johor Route 2 times a week, on Friday and Monday between Shenzhen and Johor, there will be someone to pick up the inaugural flight and shuttle bus. It is worth mentioning that Spring Airlines use the abundant resources across the country will route, transport tourists through the way to johor. Spring Airlines focus on the use of good flight time, so that guests make full use of time, to create high-quality travel. The Shenzhen Bahru – direct flights, direct flights from Shenzhen to Johor customers, can arrange that evening Check Inn Hotel, not to delay the day of the trip. The garden is located in the forest city Malaysia Economic Zone, Eshou Belt and Road Initiative position, the blueprint for the development of "hub city" has been drawn. On the occasion of the Shenzhen Bahru – direct occasion, garden city forest Custom New 3 explored routes: 4 days and 3 Nights "Johore + Malacca" special trip, 4 days and 3 nights or 5 days and 4 Nights "play make Malaysia" Nuggets tour, re take the "maritime Silk Road", open "Belt and Road Initiative" cultural tour, and for the first month and opened the first forest city delegation to launch additional concessions full of sincerity. In the construction of new traffic pattern for Malaysia Malaysia SEZ inject new vitality after Guangzhou – after Shenzhen, Johor Johor Bahru direct – the opening of direct flights, will further strengthen the Chinese and Malaysia SEZ Iskandar contact, open China through the latest new portal of Special Economic Zone, to build a new pattern of "The Belt and Road important fulcrum. Johor Iskandar Malaysia economy is the core engine part. At present, the new economic zone has attracted more than $40 billion investment, especially the rapid economic development in recent years, the annual growth rate of up to 7% to 8%. In addition to Microsoft, Temasek, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, Matsushita, Danone, hello Kitty and other international giants have entered, Iskandar also attracted HUAWEI, Biguiyuan, Alibaba, ZTE, millet and other large enterprises China investment. He said Iskandar director of enterprise management and financial Nuo Xishan the day before, the first half of 2016, a total of Iskandar attract new investment 17 billion 700 million ringgit, 60% for foreign investment, and most of the foreign capital is to Chinese in real estate investment.相关的主题文章: