World class natural film four seasons of the earth won praise for-hyuna

World class natural film "the seasons on earth" won the praise of the sincerity of the movie "nature" has been Sina entertainment news the seasons on earth, landing in theaters nationwide on September 27th. The release of the 3 day, the ecological philosophy with the most close to the nature of the real image and get the feelings full of praise, become the national archives for noise fully deserve eye wash. Today, the film side issued a public video, Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog], Yang Lan [micro-blog] for the movie stars have praised, many of the audience after watching shouted, visible the sincerity of the good reputation and won high popularity. Mouth overflowing praising cited audience movie "four seasons" to tap water on earth is the world’s top film co directed by the French national documentary director, master Jacques Behan and Jacques Cruzzo, after five years of hard works, around 8 countries in more than and 100 locations, created by the team of more than 300 people to. The reputation of the video, praise for the film portrait of Huang Xiaoming and the voice of the famous host Yang Lan hesitate: "the seasons on earth is full of love and sincerity of the works, I hope you can walk into the theater to appreciate this film". In the "four seasons" in the beauty of the earth, adorable turns into the grand and magnificent screen to obtain unanimous praise from the audience, "the first time that nature could be truly breathtaking, be touched by these cute little animal", "a person a lifetime could not see the Desolator horse Pentium, insects fly Ming, as well as the season conversion, but are included in the 90 minute documentary film, the power is too great". In addition, the film also has the corresponding collocation grand atmosphere of music, let the audience’s mood with the animal’s situation and the ups and downs, "the natural animal performance and clip playback with be just perfect, many details showing a sense of art and story" independent, the heartfelt evaluation, it is not difficult to see the nature of the charm of the film has been highly recognized by the audience. The natural concept of respected netizens spontaneously for arranging "four seasons" refers to the Earth humanity and nature are dependency relation but full of disputes, revealing the ecological concept of harmony between man and nature. Has 78 year old director Jacques Perrin, CO director Jacques Cruzzo stated: "the film tells the story of the creation idea of the earth we live movie, pay attention to the environment, let the children see such a wonderful world is very important." The two directors of several decades, they have social responsibility creation concept is really valuable, also attracted people’s admiration and praise the film. In the popular commercial film focus release national day stall, this beautiful natural film called shadow city a stream. The film in domestic major ticket platform with strong reputation, time net 8.2, 7.5, 8.5 of the bean cat proud achievements way ahead National Archives and other films. But the row piece rate this sincerity are bursting and reputation in stark contrast, row piece daily rate of less than 1.5%, apparently so that the high reputation masterpiece lost by more viewers to see the opportunity. A lot of people in the audience in the network calls for spontaneous row piece, in order to watch this man and nature works in the cinema. Booming markets.相关的主题文章: