Wu Jingyu 2020 Tokyo or have the opportunity to continue only because of love yuanjiao

Wu Jingyu: 2020 Tokyo or have the opportunity to continue only for the love of Wu Jingyu from losing that game has been in the past two months, but a huge regret will let the coach occasionally say: "closed eyes are champion ah!" "He’s not ready." Wu Jingyu tone reveals love, heart is a word, "my eyes are the game." This sudden asides, tone is self deprecating or rebellious, is a joke or angry, I am afraid she can not tell. This is because the mention of her as "completely lost the game, she still can not help but take a deep breath, and then to three consecutive Olympic dreams analysis," I don’t want to lose, that is full of all kinds of chance of winning." Local time on August 17th, the Rio Olympic Games Taekwondo women’s 49 kg class war games, Beijing and London two Olympic champion Wu Jingyu, was "three consecutive" voice surrounded. In this project, her performance enough to make "49KG" written in the lower right corner of her signature, a dazzling marker, but it also let her become a target for all the game. The 29 year old Wu Jingyu unexpectedly lost to watch her video game on the YouTube to train the Serbia teenager Bogda Norwich, and in the resurrection competition by Azerbaijan’s Abba Carlo Va in the lore, "successive defeat" broke into her "winner" for the first time in the world. Then, kick out of dreams, beliefs and foot pride and her tears fall apart together, "know what the problem is, I just want to get three in a row, whether can play to the opponent, the coach told me not to worry, I didn’t listen, he said he wanted to pull the small points, I also don’t listen." From London in 2012 after winning in the ears of the three consecutive years, in Taiwan Rio is magnified into a bell, from Wu Jingyu’s confidence, determination and courage, until he saw hanging tears, her husband Hou Kun, at a loss only merged into one sentence: "what about the husband?" "You can’t see how miserable it is for me to lose." Although, admitted after the game would fail as wealth, but the next week, Wu Jingyu has always been difficult to endure failure of taste, especially in the evening, the thought of a cry, and I do not know why the coach multitray lost so badly, but a week later, I figured out that I didn’t have to lose lose in the plan." For professional athletes, winning like eating, both normal but comparable days. In order to grow into a champion in a short time, Wu Jingyu can only be in the rapid growth of frustration education, "constantly cut off your scars, so that you hurt, so learn to adapt." The Wu Yu, "adaptive" results not only is "unyielding", and hidden in the depths of the heart afraid to lose, like her hometown of Jingdezhen porcelain production, have after quenching tenacity, the properties are not fragile. When Wu Jingyu, 1 meters in height 43, weight 43 kg, but only two months practicing taekwondo won the Youth Games championship in Jiangxi Province, has been regarded as a gifted child. But just to shengdui days, but her repeated questioning, "someone asked me to leave my coach, is not paid, I feel all the people are in a hurry." But the father of the work out of the question, sister in college, milk"相关的主题文章: