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Xiamen zoo tiger ran away from the capture beast area (Figure) – Sohu news @ Haicang released November 4th news, 10 pm, Haicang Haicang Zoo (no tourists relocation,) staff reported to the park, there are 1 tigers run from the beast area but still in the park. After receiving the report, the command center immediately Haicang Haicang Bureau and the Bureau of forestry to dispose of, 11 pm, Haicang branch feedback site has arrangements for police in the disposal, notify the police detachment reinforcements arrived. Tiger did not escape the park, please pay attention to the safety of nearby people, keep calm, the latest progress we will broadcast the first time. Police in Xiamen Haicang zoo in front of the tiger escape occurred alert. Xiamen public security map according to @ Xiamen police online news, 4 on the morning of 10 pm, the Public Security Bureau received a police intelligence that Haicang Haicang zoo, a white tiger escapes from the cage, but there is no escape from animal park. Haicang Haicang Public Security Bureau, police station, police immediately organized more than 30 police officers to the scene, the blockade of Animal Park, the zoo has to prepare for the Tiger Park an anesthesia and closed circulation. At present, the tiger has been found in the beast area in the grass, looking for the best shooting position of the anesthesiologist, please do not panic. Police remind: Online spread of the tiger lying in the middle of the road is not the video of the event.相关的主题文章: